[EUC - Thirain] ~Mekoko~ lf friendly vibed active members

Lv 6 (Working hard on all my chars to get us leveled up asap :D)
Casual guild looking for active players! c:

No pressure here to reach end game. Our goal is to have fun and enjoy each others presence. Feel free to enjoy the game in whichever way you prefer it. May it be socializing with some strangers in Punika, or wrecking them all in PVP matches. It’s all up to you and we’re open to making the guild more comfortable for its members.
Currently working on leveling our guild shop asap! Kicking out some inactive players for spaces for new active players. Alts are welcome as long as you try to be active on them. :smiley:

All feedback is welcome! We just want the most comfortable space for all members.