EUC - Zinnervale - Nathria

Guild Name: Nathria
Server: EU :eu: | Zinnervale
Guild Priority PvX
Guild Type Semi-Hardcore
Guild Level LV7
Guild Size 27/42
Language: English :uk:

About Us
We are a welcoming group of semi-hardcore friends looking for like-minded and friendly people ready to join us in any kind of content from raids, dungeons, legions all the way to even dance together in punika and more
We are more focused on PvE but still do enjoy some PvP on the sideline

:sidequest: We are looking for people who: :sidequest:
:small_orange_diamond: Will actively participate in guild-related manners
:small_blue_diamond: Helping the guild grow through daily donations, research support, guild quests and just chilling with us
:small_orange_diamond: Are not afraid of failing/learning raids and dungeons the old way
:small_blue_diamond: People who watch guides are welcome to join too, we just want to make sure you understand not everyone here does it and are not required to do so
:small_orange_diamond:Are being friendly and not causing drama (or any toxic behaviour)
:small_blue_diamond: Be respectful towards each other and no hate speech, badmouthing or any kind of negative-ism

:sidequest:What we offer :sidequest:
A friendly community for more then just Lost Ark
A chance to join in on the early stages of building a growing guild with inexperienced players and seasoned veterans alike to expand our family.
A palce for people who just want to hang out

To join the guild simply join via the discord link below