[EUC Zinnervale] Nullify - Chill PvX Community guild


Nullify is an international group of people who enjoy playing with each other. We are looking for active members to join us in Lost Ark for all kinds of content (PvP, PvE, general just play solo and talk).
Most of our players are within Tier 3 content but that does not mean you shouldn’t join if you are lower! Our active members keep on playing alts and are more than happy to help with all sorts of content (if possible and can join).

What you can expect:

  • Active group of players
  • Experienced leadership

We look for people who:

  • Are active and communicative (either via voice chat or in-game chat)
  • Are not toxic - of course, some friendly banter is not something we prohibit but actual aggression or Toxicity is not welcome
  • Contribution to the guild - most of the content that can be done together for guild quests we do together so it’s always less boring :smile:

Hit me up if you are interested in joining!

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