[EUC - ZINNERVALE] <Seismic> Level 5 - Recruiting active players for PvX

Hi, We’re Seismic a level 5 guild with a level 2 guild store on Zinnervale EUC. We’re an active guild looking for more active and friendly players to join our roster.

About Us
We’re an easy going and friendly bunch looking for like minded people to play with. We have players who are interested in all types of content from abyss dungeons and raids to mokoko seed and island collecting. We’re looking to start creating teams primarily for T3 content but also any other type of content as well, alt runs and so on! We have an active discord where we create groups from, share info, etc.

Not a lot! We just ask that you’re actively contributing to guild research/donations to help the guild keep growing. There are no ilvl requirements to join but the majority of our members are in T3 with a few still in T2 pushing for T3. Our bloodstone distribution is 70% to the guild, 30% to the members. We allow your main character and 1 alt in the guild currently (once more guild spots are available more alts will be able to join in).

How to join
If you’re interested in joining or have any questions please get in touch!
In game names - Peachlie/Giari/Toots
Our discord link - https://discord.gg/6sAQCuQa
Or leave a comment below, thank you for reading!

we’re still looking for more members to join us :slight_smile:

friendly bump up, we’re still looking for more players! :slight_smile:


I’m interested but I’m a “pro alts” player, I already have 4 characters t1 and would like to have all my characters in the same guild.
So if you even change your mind about alts/player I would gladly join. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for getting in touch :slight_smile: Yeah sadly we do have to stick to the one alt rule as guild spaces are quited limited currently and we need to be fair to everyone :slight_smile:

We still have a few of spots open and are still recruiting for them! :slight_smile: