EUC Zinnervale | Take My Sword | Casual & Chill Guild | New and Veteran Players welcome + more to come

Guild name: :crossed_swords: Takemysword :crossed_swords:
Guild Level: 3
Language: English
Guild type : Casual/Chilled
Guild priority : PvE
Guild size : 9

A tad little about us:
We are a chill gaming community with a good bunch of humans in from tech lovers, anime fans, artists and Warhammer fans. We have quite a large/quiet presence in Warframe and currently expanding in Lost Ark, we are suitable for new players that want to just chill and casually play the game without the heavy hitting requirements some guilds have.

We always want to include everyone in content to help build up experience, skills and knowledge so we can do regular groups together as a guild, we do have plans in place to setup groups for end-game/T3 content as the guild fleshes out with active players.

How to find us:

  • In-game: Search for Takemysword in the server list and request to join, or add me JammyuK
  • Discord: Take My Sword Drop your IGN in the recruiting channel and someone can add you in

What we offer:

  • A nice chilled guild, casual but always willing to help
  • Giveaways
  • A multi-gaming, chilled discord community
  • Dungeon/Raid support if required and other group runs

What do we expect:

  • Stay active
  • Join in guild weekly tasks and donate when they can
  • If your experienced, help new players
  • You must join discord, VC is optional though
  • Respect everyone both in the guild and discord
  • 16+