EUC Zinnervale | Takemysword | PvE | New Player Friendly | Veterans welcome | Starting Argos runs for learning so looking for people want to join raid for learning!

Guild name: :crossed_swords: **Takemysword ** :crossed_swords:
Guild Level: 4
Language: English
Guild type : Casual/Chilled
Guild size : 9

A tad little about us:
We are a nice chilled gaming community with a good bunch of humans from tech lovers, anime fans, artists and Warhammer fans. What we are looking for is active players with new or old to the game to join us, we don’t mind if you want to play the game at your own pace or join in with groups that we schedule, this is entirely up to you and not mandatory.

As we are still a growing guild in a game where most guilds are already high level with established footholds, I have a high distribution set for Bloodstones going to the guild (80%), once we have a good level guild and shop, we will then decrease this little by little distributing more to members than the guild.

We don’t rush through content, as I say, we run our raids/dungeons as chill groups, this will allow anyone new to specific runs learn the mechanics, etc.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, take a look below and apply today, and jump into to one of the more chilled guilds of Lost Ark!

How to find us:
:crossed_swords: In-game: Search for Takemysword in the server list and request to join, or add me JammyuK
:crossed_swords: Discord: Take My Sword Drop your IGN in the recruiting channel and someone can add you in

What we offer:
:crossed_swords: A nice chilled guild, casual but always willing to help
:crossed_swords: Giveaways (every once in awhile)
:crossed_swords: A multi-gaming, chilled discord community
:crossed_swords: Dungeon/Raid learning groups to help support new players learning the mechanics of certain bosses.
:crossed_swords: Weekly Argos runs starting 6th August - so looking to fill up a minimum of 1 group. 1370 ilvl+, others will be included as we get higher ilvl.

What do we expect:
:crossed_swords: Stay active in game - go your own way so you can progress at your own pace or join in groups! Its up to you.
:crossed_swords: Join in guild weekly tasks and donate a minimum of silver.
:crossed_swords: If your experienced, help new players.
:crossed_swords: You must join discord and be a little active, VC is optional though
:crossed_swords: Respect everyone both in the guild and discord
:crossed_swords: 16+