[EUC][Mokoko] Too lazy for tryharding? <Lazy Sloths> is the guild for you!

Hello Adventurer!
Do you wish to play Lost Ark with fun-loving folk? Are you tired of ill-mannered wanna-be-pro screaming his face red at you? Do you want to take a chill pill and enjoy the game at your own pace? We feel the same! < Lazy Sloths > is new found social guild. Instead of rushing through content, we want to enjoy it while still doing the fun and thrilling end-game content that is waiting for us!

All we ask is that you can act mature and be respectful towards other players. Your skill level, experience from previous games or the size of your bicep is irrelevant. We welcome all friendly players to join us on our glorious adventures.

We have a guild and guild discord waiting for you! Feel free to contact us in-game via the guild finder. Just look for Lazy Sloths
Alternatively you can approach us on discord by adding me:

Hope to hear from you soon! Have yourself an epic day!