[EUC][Slen] Guild Fronya looking for Members

- Server: Slen
- Language: English
- Main Focus: PvE

Hello :wave:
Our Guild, Fronya, was created to enjoy Lost Ark without pressure, but still achieve Goals together :smiley: !
Everyone plays at their own speed and we don’t want you to have to change that.
But we hope with joining our guild that you can enjoy some content and events with us.
We are currently not a lot of members therefore, as of now we can only offer

  • A solid, welcoming and active guild to spend your days in Arkesia!
  • Guild shop lvl 2
  • Weekly Argos P2
  • Weekly Oreha group
  • Next Goal: Valtan Normal and Guild Events

Though we still have some expectations coming from you:

  • Engage with guildies, don’t be a silent shadow.
  • Never mandatory, but hopefully you want and can take part in some guild events.
  • Discord: If you take part in events, we expect from you to atleast join vc :swink: It helps a lot with coordination.
  • Attitude: be a nice, non-drama or in any kind toxic person!
  • We value teamwork, playing solo is fine but in group content, work with fellow guild mates.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, feel free to join our Discord and message me to apply: Fronya