Europe timer, but you forgot the most important part

so you manage to have update on the timer with europe summer time,

you forgot only to make the reset also happening on 11 CEST instead which is now set on 12 CEST

good job ^^

@Roxx @Seawolf


i’m amazed that they changed the clock to be wrong but kept the timers the same, how hard can it be even last summer was done better than this.

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they don’t give shit about eu, they tested it in NA since it’s their work region but eu ? KEKW

at this point i wonder how sg devs even have a job, i guess korean standards for games aint that high, holy fucking shit


They have trouble with time.

@newnewb12 any comments from the damage control team?


at 11:00 none island’s reward
at 12:00 none appeared

I summon you @newnewb12 , protect the team! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s sunday leave me alone.

Could someone answer on the eventuality of a fix, please?

Also thanks to that you could do field boss twice yesterday, Did it once at 11:00 and again after 12:00 reset