Europe West [EUW] Valtan HM 1445 Static Party

Hey everyone, I am looking to organize a static group on the EUW Region, preferably moonkeep but any servers are fine.

The requirements are as such:

1445 ilvl or higher (no need to be overgeared)

4x3 Engravings (Relevant engravings such as curse doll, grudge, keen blunt weapon, hit master etc, will not accept people running spirit absorption 3 unless you are a support)

Correct Stats

Cards can be completely neglected as they are RNG to obtain and do not impact the fight that much

+17 weapon or higher (no underenhanced weapons)

Understanding of mechanics (I can provide guides and will make calls)

Bring the necessary battle items:

Phase 1 - Whirlwhind Bombs/Panacea/Sacred Talisman

Phase 2 - Corrosion Bomb/Destruction Bomb/Fire Grenade

We will be running hardmode weekly starting from this week, and we will do a round robin loot system at the end where each week one participant gets to take the box for additional relic gear set crafting materials.

Raid time will be immediately upon server opening tomorrow, and will be changed and discussed for the coming weeks.

If you are interested post your in-game name below and your stats and information.

Currently 4/8

Bump, 5 spots left. 3 dps 2 support.

4 Spots left, 2 dps 2 supports