Europe West server down?

I was created in EUW a new character (Powerpass) and will i arrange my skills i got DC. After that i try to login again but the game send me to EU Central. Can’t go to EU west again because it say that the server is down. In Server Status page says that the server is good (up). Is there any problem or is it maintenance?

EUW is up and running

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It seems that i have to wait to unlock my account from game. I’m in again.


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The servers of EU West are up and running. If you are still facing the issues-

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Any information soon about the disconnect issues ?

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Which disconnect error are you referring to exactly, please?

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Thanks for your answer, I was talking about the issue stated in this post. A lot of us players are locked behind this connection error. Not one could fix the issue with the proposed trouble shooting solutions given by the staff. So do you know if there’s something coming up soon ? Most of affected player can’t even log for more than 10 minutes actualy

Thanks for tagging the post @Nevarz . I would like to assure you that we have thoroughly investigated this issue and we are aware of it.

Most of the errors using this format are caused by an issue with the player´s local environment (firewall, modem, ISP, or general PC issues).

In summary, G0x9 is usually caused by player losing connection to the game server temporarily (the server hosting the zone or instance they are in).

Please stay tuned on forums for other updates in regards to this topic.

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