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:notes: Lailai :notes:

Lailai Inc. is looking for more people to join our ranks!

We have a solid core group of players (mostly 30+) from all over the world but always looking for likeminded individuals to join our events. We have organised events running every week & use Discord to plan everything. - see below for more info.

If you wish to play Lost Ark as part of a community with organised weekly events, please give us a look.

You can find us in-game via search of LaiLai Inc. or you can speak directly to me on Discord if you have any queries: Sir Didymus#1034

:notes: Lailai :notes:

:sparkles: lvl15! :sparkles:

We do weekly Argos :deer:, Valtan hard :boar:, and Vykas hard :kiss: !

We have 2 raid groups doing current content (usually pugging 1-2 people) but we are slowly building “Raid group 3” for new people to do Valtan & Vykas normal.

:date: Wednesday (19:15 UTC) Argos
:date: Thursday (18:30-21:00 UTC) Valtan / Vykas
:date: Sunday (14:00-16:30 or 18:30-21:00 UTC) Valtan / Vykas
:date: + extra raids Monday/Tuesday if needed

We also do Guild Siege and Raid Match every Wednesday (main guild) / Sunday (alt guild) :slight_smile:

Write Weiwarella or Aerune ingame for more info! Or just apply to the guild.

To. The. Top

We leveled up!
But with your help we could level even ˖°࿐quicker✧˖°

:sparkles: lvl15! :sparkles:

We have started on Argos! :deer:

Update #2!
P2 Argos here we come!

Update #3!
P1 & P2 down – soon P3!

Update #4!
P3 down!

Update #5!
Valtan Gate 1 :wolf: & 2 down! :boar:

Update #6!
Valtan hard down & Starting on Vykas hard :kiss:

Update #7!
Vykas Gate 1 & 2 hard down!


Still looking for more dps and now +1 support to fill out a second 8 man group! Currently doing weekly Abyssals (4 and 8 man), guild seige/raids, challange guardians and more. We’re looking mostly for ppl 1370+

:notes: Lailai :notes: