EUW and its server problems (again)

Hey there,

I know it’s been talked about a lot and it can’t be talked about enough:

EUW population is dwindling and its very obvious on Punika.
We are only 3-4 bigger guilds, im in one of them, and its getting harder and harder finding new people because of the dying population.

I regret switching to Punika from Asta but I did it because of friends.
Now most of my friends stopped playing (what a surprise) and I’ve spent quite some money AND time on Punika - about 950hrs, 2 1400 chars and a bunch of other t3 and near t3 chars.

Switching back to Asta would definitely feel very bad and I think I would even quit because of all the lost progress and money so I am asking what possible plans does AGS and SG have in terms of countering dying servers?

AFAIK is EUW originating from EUC server data so it would be possible to merge Punika with Asta for example, correct me if I am wrong.

This would definitely be a dream come true but I just hope they do something rather sooner than later…