EUW bonus login rewards missing!

I just logged in on my main in euw and the bonus login rewards for catchup are gone some one else have the same problem?


Same problem here, I did notice the dates on the login was written wrong yesterday, it said, 3/10-3/10 I just assumed they must have typed wrong. Made no sense to give the login for 3 days

yeah same

Also reporting missing the daily login for EUW

It is likely they messed up the config. Probably gonna rectify it with the next maintenance. Apparently the dates didn’t run through QA :slight_smile:

Looping you in.

Not surprised, this is how these companies operate, they promise something and then they change it when you have already opted in on it.

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Calendars, dates, numbers, they are difficult!

Please be patient while AGS outsource some extra fingers and toes.

yup daily login bonus disappeared on EUW

It’s the same for everyone on EUW!

The calendar expiry date was set to 14.03.22 instead of 14.04.22… More vigilence is needed not to fatfinger the wrong number :stuck_out_tongue:

Please reinstate!


for those who understand german i msg amazon support and this was the reply

in english it means the rewards where an error and got patched out or after that i complaint that these rewards where in the patch nots and the support said he gonna ask about it

Mine are gone too, please fix this.

Well, that’s a strange, i thought i saw some official statement saying that they would add another round of new additional login rewards to EUW after the first round ended. And it looked like this was some kind of compensation for changing the login rewards in between…

Feels like another case of “The left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.”.


AGS more or less forced players to move to EUW,and now they mess up the extra rewards 2 times.How hard it is to put a correct date for that system.I guess that region is dead for them anyway.

This, i did not thought, i am sure they did.

its jsut sad af that the support can even tell you what happend if there is a problem or it was intendet i dont get what they can fuck up every thing atm

They did state that EU-W was getting some additional rewards to help them catch up, then nothing more was said.

Well, we got a broken calendar, maybe that was it. Did it help anyone catch up? :thinking:


i know but i can only tell what support told me thats sad

Wait so he blew you off with a “this was patched out” information message and then showed was completely ignorant about it? I mean… I get that people have been toxic and the pressure is on, but you don’t give an official (mis)information just to blow someone off and make your day easier… wtf??

Anyway, sry, I didn’t mean to be toxic myself, I just find that very unprofessional and concerning.
I hope this whole situation gets clarified and rectified

This is the 4th EuW compensation issue in a row (EuC>EuW, founder pack skins broke, crystals/aura pulled from first one, second login bonus now gone), They set the end date wrong and were told about it from a ton of players for four days so they had ages to fix it. , if they don’t hire an intern to doublecheck things after this and instead just go ‘‘we’re looking into this’’…