EUW competitive PvP does not exist

I really want to be able to play competitive PvP as the normal matches are not that fun and have even less incentive.
However, there is NOBODY playing. It is 6:30PM on a Sunday right now, so not dead hours, and I have been sat in a queue for an hour+ without a single game popping up. Those of you complaining about bad matchmaking with team composition for people of different ranks together are the lucky ones because you can at least play.
PvP rewards are bad and PvP itself is pretty much dead. it is really a shame.
And to add to it, when I queue other stuff or join a party I can still fast travel or triport without it cancelling so I at least get my una’s or some mats farming done but here I just have to sit somewhere. Cant even see how many people its found so far like other mm either.
The devs are just giving every effort to show they do not care about PvP and especially competitive.

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Just found out my hamster died while I was in an hour and a half queue.

PvP doesn’t exist in any region not even in KR, do you want to know why?

Because its a PvE game.

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lol xD

yeah it’s like that since july , game died super fast.

you can make a character on euc , you wont wait more than 15 mins at night time

while hot time its more like 2 minutes

your character has only be lvl 27 , that 2 hours of questing once

then you have more pvp

US West is the same way… I can sit in queue for hours without getting into a ranked match.

This is like saying PVP Arena didn’t exist in World of Warcraft, then wtf did i play for a few good years ? Sure it wasn’t that ballanced ider but there were players, plenty of them. No, pvp is dead because Smilegate didn’t make it more main stream in game, there is no info about how to play pvp in game you have to search the fing web.

As i said before look on twitch how many views the lost ark PVP competitions have and then it becomes clear why smilegate doesnt invest more resources into pvp.

Problem is actually bigger than pvp tho. People are quiting Lost Ark in MASS. This game PVE is a grindy/gatekeeping piece of g. I have quit pve the moment i had to wait tens of minutes to make a weekly raid on my dps alts.

This game release is a failure just like in Rusia

you think people have time to pvp? pvp is great
you think doing garbage chaos dungeon 20 times a day is better? no
game leaves you no time to enjoy, its a job

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