EUW current population


I’d like to know if there is some statistics about current population of EACH region. As for now, after the update, the West region feels even more dead. The server on West don’t even get busy anymore last few days …
Could we see some stats on that and plan for the scenario where it “dies out” in few months???
Because noone will want to switch AGAIN leaving progress behind for SECOND time.

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Sadly, I do a thing called ‘work’ during the day, I’m sure many others do the same, so 1pm on a Thursday just after server up will seem a little ‘dead’


I understand your question, but AGS encountered a short-term problem (long queue times and too many players which was breaking the game) and provided a short-term solution (a region starting a whole week after all others). If you decided to go with AGS’s short-term solution to play the game in the meantime while EUC was experiencing difficulties then you need to accept that for the short-term this worked for you. Long-term EUW is likely to always be the smallest server and EUC will be bigger. Any long-term solutions need to come from Smilegate and as you have seen, there is no confirmation on any course of action (server transfers, region merges etc).

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Im on euw and have see some of the servers showing busy during peak times and my non busy server ive not had any matchmaking ssues


that is why we bared with the ques and stayed where we started at central EU as founders…

EUW isn’t even close to dead yet, don’t worry. But it definitely has a problem and that’s called less player diversity.

Unfortunately, since most players had founder packs AND the server opened almost 2 weeks late (compared to head start), almost none of the core hardcore players made the move to EUW. So the West server is actually mostly populated either by casuals or semi-hardcore players with busy lives. Most of us made the move to dodge the queues after all.

It’s not that the server is dead. It just doesn’t have a solid core of players that is always active at all times, like usual regions do. But once you get to peak times and people finally get home to play, the server is packed. It’s a narrow time-frame, so it feels almost dead outside of that.

This is my conclusion from my experience in the server though (200h). I might be wrong

Edit: Also let’s be honest, so many bots spamming the chat that most people don’t even feel comfortable typing most times, especially on T1 zones - which is more than 50% of current EUW pop atm.


I was sceptical of EUW and have made several threads trying to raise the concern. Most of it got a few replies and zero attention from AGS forum people.

Having said that doing chaos gates and world bosses, on Moonkeep, T1 and T2 match making is not an issue at all during prime time. If you play at odd times there is a bit of a queue as most “no lifers” will def be playing on EUC.

There is hardly any premade lobbies in EUW though, there is 10 times as many T1 guardian raid lobbies on EUC when comparing to total EUW lobbies.

I worry about all of us on EUW down the road though as AGS and Smilegate have said nothing about future server merges or the big elephant in the room, possible future region transfers.


well half the lobbies in EUC were ppl asking for boost , or ppl selling boost for gold :stuck_out_tongue:

I think smilegates is working on server transfers , its 2022 the game isnt that old , i dont think smilegate tho that it was going to be an issue down the road.

EUW gets daily login rewards to help gearing , and some other stuff (would be cool to give EUW 30 days of crystalin aura tbh)

The first servers in the EUC die because there have been and are more robots than humans.