EUW Daily Reward changed no gems

Why did you guys changed the 500gems reward?

I moved out from my 1050char 4days ago in the hope we’d get rewarded by playing on a new server… but nope.

No one gonna say anything?


yeah smilegate just cahnged it, is just unfair, i started new and then this happens without a word.

And they probably gonna dodge this subject, and give no answers

yeah sadly :frowning:

Players were able to buy a year worth of Crystalline aura which is shared over the whole account. That’s the reason the reward has been changed.

it’s not our problem. It’s unfair for legit players.


yeah and? why we cant get it now. all the other players do get it. its unfair. again all other players must suffer from the wrong doing of smilegate.


yep thats the same what i think

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Changing reward is one,

But changing it and not saying anything about it is on another level.

EDIT: apparently they did, sorry


They have mentioned it in the patch notes:


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Woawww we get potions :smiley: !!!

-_- that’s just ridiculous and completly unfair, it’s totally their fault if people could buy 1year of aura cristallin, we shouldn’t have to be treated like that.


Funny they call it ‘issue’

It was ‘issue’ for them because people could claim 14 days aura and 500 crystals 7 times when creating character on each of the servers, and having basically 9 months of aura for free.


No Twitch drops and now no gems, which was a big motivator to y’know buy the missing pets.

This is very disappointing.


Now that you pointed it out. Yeah people would have exploited that for sure!

for me it looks totally fair to reset all crystal aura who not get bought with real money ^^ and give all players 30 days crystall aura and euw players back the reward with a letter but once per account on all servers or make crytall aura only for the server where it would bought :slight_smile:

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They give us potions that we will be using on the guardian bosses to which they added +50% health, what a joke.

to anybody white knighting that, you’re also part of this joke


fair point, the should add a Pet Box as reward i.e. - this cannot be exploited and would be better than Una Task x1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, no please not. I bought 2100 RC on EUC and just transformed them to crystals - hoping to, you know, play on EUC for long.

But then queues started so I switched to EUW and I used those EUC crystals to buy CA (since CA is account wide, and Crystals are server specific).

Don’t take away my 5 months of CA :stuck_out_tongue:

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haha iam totally okay with that when the greedy people get punished and all other get a free reward like the 500 stones :smiley:

Are you kidding me?! I got my aura already but now you take my crystals away?
Why are you screwing over EUW because you didn’t think the rewards through and found out that some were abusable. How is that our problem? We are already doing Amazons freaking job by switching servers and leaving time and money behind. It’s just one incomepetent decision after the other since launch.