EUW is almost dead

We need a solution for this. AH empty and even on reset day there barely are any lobbies for Valtan and Vykas.


The solution is called mokoko and honing buff. Makes you reroll on euc a lot faster than before…

I don´t like it either, but i do not think that they will ever be able to merge EUW and EUC.


Agree. Even tho I was more than 1k hours into EUW I made the decision and rerolled on EUC last week.
That way I had access to welcome challenge and now I got the mokoko buff. I already got a t3 char again and plenty of T1/T2 alts.

They should’ve looked for a solution a long time ago.

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What would theoretically happen if you have 2 rosters EUW/EUC under one account and they manage to merge in the future?

Yeah i rerolled on tuesday. lvl 45 now. I´m getting there. Leveling up is still pain.

At least i have infinite crystal aura from euw now :stuck_out_tongue:

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no one knows, but SG has never merged a server before. Not talking about region merges.

There are multiple threads about this and they’ve already been answered:

  • they know about the problem
  • solution is being worked on but server merges/transfers are a very complex topic and there is no ETA on a fix
  • and no, server transfers do not exist in KR/RU/JP especially not in the scope that would be necessary here to merge 2 regions (EUC and EUW for example)

Sadly you can only:

  • wait
  • start new on EUC

More threads on the same topic won’t do anything.

I wouldn’t recommend to wait.
There’s no gurantee the merge will ever happen and every day you spend on EUW is a lost day you could start on EUC.

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I’ll keep making threads until I know whether merger are coming or not.

More threads on the same topic won’t do anything.

Yeah right, because the best way to change things, is to be silent and not speak up.


If they refund the money i spent in EUW in crystals i can think to reroll. If they don’t we need to defend our rights as customers.

They already stated several times that they are working on the feature, but there is no ETA yet.

So there you have your answer > the feature will come in the (far) future.

Because it is to complex to be implement in a few weeks or even in a few month.

To be clear, I’m not saying that it is a good thing that the servers are pretty empty or that I don’t understand your situation and so on.
I’m simply saying that the development of such a feature, that didn’t exist when the game launched, is highly complex and can’t be solved that quickly.

And if you haven’t found the answers by Roxx, here s an example:


Back in March the server population looked healthy, according to there internal stats as they said, and they kept on monitoring the situation. In late April beginning of May, according to the comments by CMs/Mods, they started working on the feature for server merges.
And please don’t confuse a single server transfer - a feature they’ve been working on for a longer time period now according to other statements - with server merges or even region merges (e.g. EUW with EUC). These are different things. As far as I understand it from all the posts, they’ve been working on single character transfers for a longer period of time, which started way before the “western release”. They did some batch character transfers in KR and R, which were done manually and led to some problems and they are still working on an automatic solution. This kinda shows the complexity of the problem. And now server merges are on another scale, region merges might not even be possible at all (as others also pointed out here). But no one of us has all the internal details of course.

That’s sadly simply it. Maybe they reacted to late and should’ve anticipated the possible problem of empty servers earlier, yes. Totally with you there.
But the thing simply is, that when the first “EUW is doomed” posts came up, there were also threads of people complaining about waiting queues in EUW )yes maybe only due to bots).

Or you kind find posts from late May like these ones:

Of course the situation changes on a daily/weekly basis in now in late July it might look totally different again. But this also shows, that while people started the “we are doomed” threads in March and April, the situation was not always that bad for everyone.

You can open as many threads as you like, it is your good right!
But no database/backend/whatever developer can worker faster by that. And as far as some of the statements go, their priorities seem to be Bots > server merges…yes there are also other topics, but the priority seems already to be pretty high.
That’s my point in saying: new threads won’t to anything, because they already acknowledged several times that the problem exists and they are working on a solution.

Another point is, that making new threads makes it harder to find info that is already out there.

If you have 1 thread with 100 replies or 100 threads with only 1 reply. Same number of replies, but in one case you’d just have a single point with all the info, in the other case you have 100 points and maybe only 10 threads with official replies. By creating threads about the same topic over and over and over again, you make it far more complicated for Mods/CMs to answer and also far more complicated to find possible valuable info.

So if you want to kinda create a reminder that a problem is still severe, which obviously is the case for EUW, simply answer to the “main thread” and keep it alive.

I am still on some copium waiting for EUW solution… All the boosts available for “new” players when rerolling to EUC are nice, but I value more my horizontal progression and my 6/6 relic set more than a free T3 character. You can always just swipe for itemlevel, but you can’t whale out horizontal and raid set progress.

If they don’t do anything about it, I would rather quit the game and move on than to start over.

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We want from them to give us info and what exactly they are doing. It can be fixed after 1 year, i am ok i only want to know how they will resolve EUW problem. This problem will be with NAW and SA very soon as well.

After investing almost 1k hours on EUW, i will not reroll to EUC. I would rather leave the game.


Just reroll

I completely understand that and would also love to see more transparency from them on several topics. But there are several followup problems connected with this too.

  1. ETA in such a problem/scale like server merges is not that easy > they might say “6 month” today, then it takes 8 month, because it was even more complicated > there will be the usual outrage “you said 6 month…get your s**t together and stick to your plans” and so on…the usual stuff, because people don’t (want to) understand these things > again more threads and the only thing that can be said is “please wait, we’re on it”.

  2. The direct effect on the server population. Let’s take your example of AGS saying it’ll take a year and take it a bit further. Now let’s assume that 1/3 of the EUW players says “I’ll quit, this is to long”, another 1/3 says “fine, we’ll wait” and the last 1/3 says “I’ll move to EUC”, which is basically the same as quitting in regards to the server population. Thus the result would be an even worse situation for the servers (apart from the usual fluctuations of users). Based on this example, there are now only 1/2 of the people on already pretty empty servers. First they were okay with waiting, but now these players also “re-assess” the new situation. And even more might quick/move and the servers get emptier and emptier. Just because AGS said “it’ll take a year”. And this is just an example, but I’d think we’re on the same page that every time scale over maybe 2 month is just to far in the future for most people to wait. So unless AGS (or better SG) can say: we’ll have this fixed in August or maybe September, it will not get any better. No matter how many threads are created, no matter what they say apart from “we got you in a month…”, everything else will almost certainly lead to the same situation we’re in now.

Call me a “white knight for AGS” (as per usual in this forum) or else, but I’m simply being realistic.

The situation was messed up in the first place with not enough servers and the missing general features of missing server transfers. And AGS/SG can absolutely be blamed for that. But well, s**t hit the fan, they kinda panic reacted with the new EUW servers - yes at first glance they were necessary and I also didn’t enjoy the queues, but on the same page it was kinda obvious that this EUW situation would happen, like it did with NW and several other MMOs before > not enough servers > more servers > new servers run empty > merge them back together…- and this is where we are now. Thus my argument: no matter how many threads are created, the mistakes have been made way before release and fixing them in the aftermath or even give an ETA is very hard and leads to more problems.

This is what I mean with “being realistic”. When you say “I want an ETA”, just try to imagine what this implies. You could now say “this is not my job, I want a solution”, which is an absolutely fait point. But then you can’t understand why some things simply are as they are.
But again: I’d also love to see more transparency from AGs/SG here. They keep on saying that they work on better communication, but we don’t see much of that. And this is not on the Mods/CMs, it is about the info they get and what they can share and this simply doesn’t seem to change.

The best chance is simply to try and encourage players to come back (which AGS should do with a campaign, welcome back packages and so on) and hope for new players from new regions (e.g. Netherlands).

That’s my approach on the situation and again: I’m not saying it is great, it is clearly very bad for you on EUW and I really hope it gets better soon for you!

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It’s sad to see that they kind of abandon EUW problems. This should have been top priority and been fixed like a month ago at latest.

Now it’s dying more cause people just reroll EUC instead. Hopefully you can transfer your roster over later when they introduce a solution. (I’m not affected, but I see this issue on EUW popping up all the time on forums)


Top prio apart from the bots? Apart from RMTers (the reason for the bots abd also a multilayered problem that can’t be solved in an instant and still isn’t solved) and so on?

Simply imagine we’d have the server merges and you can’t play, because the servers are so full due to the bots. Narrowing it down you could simply say to chose between play on almost empty servers or maybe not play at all (queues of several hours and you could only play for these hours). What is your top prio now?
Bot problem existed/exists on almost every server, lately especially on NA servers. EUW is “just” EUW". At the moment it seems that at least the queues are gone, but I wouldn’t call it solved.

Try to be realistic. We’re of course all looking at this from our own subjective perspective. But just from again this very simple example you can see, that it is not that easy and you also can’t say “well than simply make everything top prio”.

And who says they abandon the problems? Like I stated with examples before (and there are even other threads collecting the replies): they in fact acknowledged the problem with EUW and said they are on it. Out of more or less unknown reason they can’t go into further details, maybe because of the stuff I described before.

You could of course argue that they are lying and not doing anything at all because of the lack of more info. But simply based on the (little) info that we currently have: they are aware and working on it.

3 solutions :slight_smile:

go to euc and reroll with buffs

wait in euw with a highly dose of copiument

stop the game

for myself i used the first express event to go to euc and i have no regrets

you clearly didn’t spent money on the game. If you did more then 500 euro are you going to switch so easy :slight_smile: