EUW is dead and Region Merges aren't even happening

I’ve been saying EUW needs to get merged for months. With constructive opinions about current numbers and future possibilities and obvious predictions…
After 2 months of me posting about “EUW is going to die in a couple of months”… it’s dead.

  • No lobbies outside of first two, maybe 3 days of reset
  • Outside of the first days of reset, it takes from 20 to 40m to fill a lobby
  • Takes more than 4-5 minutes to get a Cube/Boss Rush match and it takes forever outside of peak hours - to the point where it’s faster to do solo and still have time to spare
  • Even during the weekend max number of lobbies up was 5, maybe 6, during the afternoon
  • After first few hours of daily reset, there’s no one doing Caliligos - maybe 1 or two lobbies at peak hours
  • Takes a while to also find/matchmake Kungelanium raids and more often than not you get lobbies with 2 or even 3 supports.

Now, these points above could be said for all regions, but you can feel a significant impact on EUW. Currently, it’s hard to play during peak hours, let alone outside - and this is way worse than what was already 2 months ago.

Here’s the kicker… we’ve been hearing for a year things like:

  • There’s no technology to support region merges
  • We’re looking into the possibility of doing this
  • etc etc

Here’s the new update:

I’m still hoping here… I have a lot of chars I care about on a big Roster in EUW. Quitting it to go EUC would be quitting the game for me. I’m not the only one. It’s most of us that actually kept going on EUW. Which means that, even if you don’t consider the points above to mean it’s actually dead, it will be by May or June. Akkan is only coming end of summer, most likely.
Even if players like me (who enjoy the game) persist until then, there will only be a few hundred players in our region.

Add to the fact there’s lots more games coming this year… idk.


This problem is not priority for them, sad but you need to accept it, dont hope that this kind of merge will happen in next months, if i should say something i would say min. 1 year from now.

they prob not even working on it cus why would they? :joy: not like their main region needs it

should have swapped over to euc a year ago or few week after whenever you started

This is what we have been thinking since June or July of last year though… it was obvious EUW was going to die off sooner rather than later, but it’s critical atm. A year from now is hard to believe Lost Ark will be even alive from what we’ve been seeing, let alone this region lol.

If it’s truly that critical, I strongly advise change to EUC. You’ll get to 1445 in a couple of days and it will be much better for you if you play actively.

I made a 2nd roster on another server in EUC, which has even more players than where my main is, and I don’t see a reason not to do it.

It’s better to be among the beginners on a server which is alive, than among the best on a dead server, right?

I have a huge Roster on EUW with 7 chars 1500+.
Like I said, if I have to quit EUW, I’ll quit the game. Many of us are in the same boat here as we’ve all spent some significant money to be where we are right now.


I know it sounds harsh but maybe you should’ve waited those 30 mins of que time first week in EUC, assuming this is the reason why you are there in the first place, like most players who jumped there cuz of the FOMO they couldn’t play 16 hours at launch and maybe only 15hrs because of queing.

I admit I had some thoughts about it too, thank fk I didn’t do it. Anyway… this tech of merging its definitely not rocket science, I bet they are just too afraid to not mess things up and basically destroy the game for everyone, you know damn well they are capable of massive fk ups at this point.

What they could do at least is somehow track
people who only plays there and has no t3 char in EUC and give only to you guys a powerpass, some honing chests etc to start over… I know it aint much but it is what it is. Chances are they don’t even consider this so no idea at this point, just sad to see ppl quiting all around because of sheer incompetence

It’s not harsh, it’s just the truth, but it’s also pointless to even point it out now tbh. :rofl: FOMO or not I just wanted to play and what you say was 30m queue was actually hours lmao. regardless of that… pointless statement since it’s been already a year.

There’s only two reasons I stayed in EUW:

  • Big Roster (16 chars) with big time investment I’m not going to do again on another Region;
  • Vague mentions of AGS of it still being worked on or considered;

Ik its pointless just saying for the sake of conversation and bumping this post up so they can see it… and a bit of victim blaming :grin:

Idk mate, you are right I wouldn’t start over either, maybe only if they would hand out like 1500 powerpasses and basically at least 90% of what I currently have there. Copium aint gonna happen, but it should though, should be easier than server merging. Again, only to people who has no traces here.

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hmm wanna know what SG response is I’ll show you its glorious:

Get Bent

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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NAW is likely far better off, but the way EUW has been handled makes me question my commitment to the game. If NAW slowly dies, AGS and SG are clearly showing via EUW that they have no intention of fixing it.

It’s unfortunate that you guys have to deal with it for this lesson…


They just get no money from me since november.
Either they gonna get the merge Happen or they dont care and let it die when the income is not worth for them anymore. For that Case i want to keep my loss small.
New Beginning is and never was a Possibility if i lose anything i paid for (bunch of skins, the only things i pay and care about)

So let us wait more.

Up this because i do care about EUW community even tho there are still toxic player :hugs:

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Euc is no better, maybe just a little. Same thing with peak hours and peak days. After the weekend, god luck finding a MM for any guardian. Took me 10 min to MM on kungy and almost the same for deska. SV boss was just me and 2 other ppl, one of then being a 1540.
I won’t even mention certian islands.
I have more then 12 cube, bosh rush and i am just going to do them solo.

we all know they dont care about us… sad to say but its quit or nothing


well, it seems that we got fewer bots, or at least on numbers. maybe they give more priority to region merges since the #1 problem for region merge is getting better

This is the only way.

If you’re not moving along with the pack then the game is dead as hell.
I didn’t realize how bad it was until I recently leveled some characters and experienced it firsthand.

The problem with that is, new players will lose interest and go elsewhere (not to mention the whole pay to play nonsense (trusted status). It went wrong at the start of the game which resulted in the split and now they can’t fix it.

Oh let’s not start about customer support…

I have a huge roster on EUW. I play every class (so 22 chars at this point) and they are all 1460+.
My playtime is getting close to 5K hours, Roster Level is 290, got almost all collectibles (except for Yearning Soul and the shipwreck sea bounties). My main is fully geared with L10 gems, I recently got LOS30.

Aside from character slots and a couple of LA/powerpasses I never swiped for anything. So I put my heart and soul into this roster.

Long story short: starting over is not an option for me.

Truth to be told, I am confused now. I thought Roxx said that they are already working on region merges a couple of months ago?


It was very predictable that EUW would become dead as soon as it was announced.

After 3 weeks of the game being out obviously there is a very limited new influx of players and most of the european playerbase had already created an account on EUC so they were patient enough to wait until the queues got fixed.

I dont even feel bad for you EUW players you shouldve seen this coming.

thank you for that very helpful comment.

At release, the game just wasn’t playable at all for many weeks (or months even, idk). And I’m not talking about the 8 hour queue - even if you got in you couldn’t do anything because of lags and timeouts. So, thanks to us stupid EUW players, the 200IQ guys like you got “their queue fixed”.

Also, what we couldn’t predict back then is how little SG cares about their western audience. To me EUW has always been a “temporary solution”, basically sitting out the hype at release and I just can’t see how a region merge can be that complicated.

If EUC is still too full to merge both EUW servers at the same time, then how can they not come up with a (paid) option to transfer single rosters? how is it more than a copy&paste?

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