Euw is empty, can i switch to EUC?

can i switch my character to EUC? EUW is empty. party finder is empty since 18pm and now 20pm

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Unfortunately there’s no region transfer option available. If you want to change regions you would have to begging from 0.

wont happen, have no time to start from 0. i only have one character because i dont want play alot of time.

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ah, wukong ,u troll :smiley:

about 15 vykass loby at 19:25 utc aint empty :smiley:


utc? vykass. i see so all region is over 1415. too bad for the empty lower content.

Thats how it works, everyone is 1370+ even alts, and no new players so empty lower content.

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Im sorry to inform u that even on EUC there is in fact Velganos as guardian raid

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I have seen plenty of group in the partyfinder yesterday at this time. Did Abyss and Argos with my bard yesterday at this time without a problem.

I did yesterday both Valtan and Vykas on 2 of my alts. There were plenty of groups, ofc in prime time. I played in the morning as well and there were only 1 group for Valtan and 0 for Vykas. For Argos there were always groups for P3 and P1.

thk god entire region in euw is on valtan.

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i see. i bet was you on find party, the only one in there besides 2 party bus. that not accept me in your party while you search for people.

the region so small that am sure was you not accept a 1405 while you search with 1370 minimum requires and with 1400 people in there.

I bet this wasn’t me, cause my bard is only 1375 and I do not make my own parties. Only joining.

I have although been rejected from parties once and a while. Sometimes you just have to wait to find the right one.

party finder is dead for velganos on every region :joy:

do you think that with upcoming Argos changes being 1385 and the increase droprate of legendaries for velganos that people will queue for him or still do yoho?

why would you ever do velganos instead of yoho, he gives like 1 more honor stone :joy:
you kill him once then never touch him again


As stated there is currently no system that exists to provide region transfers.

However the feedback and demand for such a feature has definitely been received by the team.


omg, no way…
they reply to me.
thk you for your feedback.

this guy is legit crying all day every day in chat on server . saying he will uninstall again but yet even comes to the forums spewing bs.

just quit already if you dont like to play as you already said like 100000 times in server chat

EUW is fine, stop moaning.