EUW is really dead!

What do you think will there ever be a chance of merging west and central or the possibility to move a whole roster?

Its really sad as far as i just moved to euw because of those insane queues in the beginning :frowning:


they won’t, zero chance, requires development and money, and they don’t want to spend any resources there

they really don’t care about EUW, plain and simple

yes, you were among the sweet and nice people who moved there to help solve the problem, and they were super nice back then, not anymore, they showed that they don’t care

roll on EUC asap and HOPE they compensate you guys with anything, that’s the best you can aim for, forget about your progress or money spent there, it’s just gone.

EUW is done.


EUW was a lost cause since it released.


Theyve been working on the EUW issue for a time now. Something should be happening with the server merges coming in Sept.

I am certain that EUW has been a priority.

I would like to say something is more than likely in the works. If not mistaken, LA was heavily advertised in EU regions recently. It would just be dumb for them to put all that money into the projects to willingly let it flop from a business standpoint alone. Player wise, if they were able to pull of anything near a successful “merge” there should be more than enough to re-invigorate the game for at least a little bit. But no one really has a clue on how/what they plan to do.

I will say it’s a bit funny though as AGS used to quicky retort with “The technology doesn’t exist yet” when any server merge like solutions were given in response to server congestion/queue times. But now that technology seems to exist when there aren’t enough players. Too many players though, “The technology doesn’t exist yet”.

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server merges wont do shit since AH and matchmaking/partyfinder is across the whole region aka EUW

ya … i wanted to know if there will be a chance (anybody know) to move the region…true server merge wont do nothin

nope you are fucked, they dont have any plans atm for region merges and smilegate doesnt have the technology for it either.

well, okay…this wont change anything XD

it starts gettin annoying by now im trying to find a grp for vykas g2 hm for 3 hrs now im a 1480 pretty raid exp pala (vykas hm clear since day1) … ive joined 3 grps that dont know whats going on there XDXD its such a waste of time :frowning:

by merging servers Co-Op stuff, chaos gates & island/world bosses will be doable, hope that brings more ppl back

we need more people like you to post more about our situation, I stopped playing for a while now cuz it’s actually so depressing, I wish the developers would take just a few minutes to even think of any alternate solutions, feels like there’s 0 effort right now though : (

If it was USW, they would give you back all the crystals you purchased so far plus30%, a free punika express pass for each character, a couple of aura crystals and one year of Prime…

Being EUW you will never have anything more than a “sorry, tech limitations, bye” … if no reply at all.


well its pretty sad … even more we (me and some friend…that have already quit playing XD) made up our mind which server we should chose…and then were forced to switch to EUW because there were no chance logging in when coming home from work…this is really ridiculous :frowning:

Go to EUC. Rerolled aswell. More then 1000 Hours of Gameplay gone. All horizontal Content gone. But it is worth it. EUC is full of Life. So many Players. Even in the Night there 3-4 Channels in Punika or while sailing. Sometimes I am sad, that I have to do alle the content again, but EUW is not in a good Condition. Imagine playing there for 1 Year or more and then quit because nobody is playing there. Switch now or you will regret it ind the long term.

so many new bots xD
game’s going to be gonzo in next year, have fun till then

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I think IT will Happen but when i have No clue

I mean, if you plan to keep playing… personally, I cba. I hope SG won’t screw Western people again.

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lol no chance switching now for me … i got around 1.3k hrs gaming this wont happen, i wont do it all over again. and i really think many ppl wont…well we will see…by now i can do all content but it takes some time (esp. the latest raids but well okay it is what it is) ah activity is really low kinda 0 (accept of honing mats)