EUW is really dead!

id love to keep playing but wont start from 0 again XD

I understand your struggle, but keep in mind that grinding T1/T2 is alot faster now than it was back then. You’re experienced - you won’t need the same amount of time to recreate your roster.

U had the choice at the start like any other player who played from launch

Suffer through q times for a few weeks

Or change servers to have no q
But ignore all the people who predicted that there will be a player shortage on euw down the road

They even said that theres no tech to switch regions/servers
And that they dont intend to put those as priority

With all the information that was out there everyone who swapped regions did that to themselves
But hey at least u had no q times a few weeks ahead of the euc people…

also true bots are back as well :confused:

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rofl theres always a troll in every post lol - pathetic one…
your argumentation is so sad…ofc “we” players have to live with queue times of 4 hrs and more rofl sure thats the way it sopposed to be in online games rofl you talking as if it is our mistake

Merging the servers is a good first step to enable the players to do horizontal content.

I’m sure merging regions will be thought about in the future.

Right now I’m pretty happy on my server in EUW.

Well I stayed in EUC but just stopped playing after 2-3 weeks :smiley:
I know it is not your mistake but I knew at that time EUW was a big mistake.

On the other hand AGS offered servertransfers in New World ( 8? weeks after release) so we could expect a similar solution for LA.
Unfortunaltey devs at smilegate seem to care even less about the community than AGS.

But there could be still a solution like offering a lot of powerpasses and gold to players switching from euw to euc.
But I wouldn’t expect anything from publisher and devs.

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No… amazon fucked up by not anticipating the amount of players (and bots) at launch (after 3 day headstart)

So they put a bandaid on it that was euw
And tried their best to advertise it so people jump on the bandaid

Many people predicted whats going to happen in the long run

Whoever didnt want to listen is now here mimimimi no players on my server

It is amazons fault with the q times at start and its their fault with the “solution” that was euw

But they are not at fault for players choosing euw over all the red flags

powerpass/gold would be a good start but personally I wouldn’t transfer with only that. Losing all horizontal content would mean I’d rather stop entirely that restart anywhere.

That’s astonishing that they seemingly don’t have the “tools” to copy-paste characters from one server to another. I’m pretty sure the characters are nothing more than a text string with plenty of criteria for the horizontal and vertical content progress.
That’s pretty pathetic in 2022 to be honest. Them not doing anything means more they don’t care than they can’t do anything about it.

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like u saw before they dont want to answer any topic about EU W

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I had for once a positive experience with the party finder yesterday. Played in 4 different groups gate 3 Vykas NM at late night. And there were a lot of groups for Vykas all gates.

There will be no EUW and EUC region merge as I remember they wrote they dont have techonology to do it. Even if they want to do firstable they have to create tech. so it would probably will take +- 1 year or more for write program, test and 6 more months before they will use it on world servers. Nobody will take a risk to use new program without tests on live servers xd

While there can’t be region merge anytime soon due to the 2 different physical locations, something that could work half way addressing the region problem would be to merge the market / AH cross EU region. It has much less strict timing constraint than real time play, so there is probably a way to sync those. Of course it will impact one economy or the other bringing them together… in which ways remains unclear to me.

Random people in 2002 could create characters on badly coded private servers to spawn them with whatever achievements/stuff/gold/etc. I’m nearly sure Amazon/SmileGate can do the same with the 500 players remaining on EUW, if they can’t, sorry but they’re morons.

This “tech” sounds like an easy excuse as to not face the PR backlash that would come with the announcement that EUW servers will be closed due to lack of players.
It has always been the stance for most MMORPGs. Even when the players count is abysmally low and the Holy Ctrl+C Ctrl+V Tech exists, the companies do not want to do that as it’s basically admitting their game is not performing as good as they hoped.

I’d sincerely love to be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure EUW’s problem is only a PR/communication one. I can’t imagine it being a “technology” problem. We’re not asking them to transfer our characters to a Jupiter datacenter.


I think you are spot on here.

Click on my Name and check when I did a Thread like this.

Since then I changed to EuC and today I am Pretty far there and I dont Regret changing.

Ive spent around 200€, my Main hit 1415, had 8 1370 alts, farmed all Mokokos, Had Legendary compass and Trust me Its still Worth to change. It will feet pretty annoying at First (doing all Islands, getting your Roster up again but I noticed That this content is way More enjoyable Then doing your Daily Routine on your high Alts.

Region Merges will probably Never Happen and Even if it would happen, maybe late 2023

Also south America has the Same Issue. They have to Pay Like 1500g for 95 crystals. If you are Planing to Play for a Long time- just change. If you want to dip of for WoW: dragonflight then play there for a couple of Months.

i literally thinking about quitting the game after 1700 hours and high % of this time to looking for parties and spending a lot of time in AH picking for my build bc nothing to buy there , and nothing hard by transferring players data to another region .

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all they have to do is region transfer tickets , then no one will talk about the dead server , its very simple step

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It is simple most if not all player in EUW will either leave Lost Ark and any future game coming from AGS will be badly receive, meaning no customers as they are all turn off.

Rather than thinking about merging region, isn’t more cost effective to make this game more casual friendly or analyze what cause the drop in playerbase and fix it ? Basically, getting new blood.

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merging servers in a region is “easy” because whole region has unique char names. if they wanted to merge euc and euw, theyll would have to change lots of char names.