Euw is really empty


there is a big problem in euw there is no people i wanted to do argos this morning there were one guy on queue, hm dungeon also the same guy, i suppose, t2 dungeon nobody, world boss ? forever alone, guardian there is a little more people but not fast as it should be etc
even at night it’s hard to fight people and if they wanna quit the dugeon you better alt+f4 and go to bed

i started the game on release with a friend, he told me to try this new game with him so sure why not, so we went to euw cause we live on euw and every game we play we go euw like leaugue of legends for exemple

leveling was cool, love the game super cool and stuff but end game is empty while everybody from ru, kr and twitch viewer went all on euc cause they managed it and people like me are stuck and i love the game but i may stop the game cause it’s an mmo but it feel like a solo game with less content

sorry if my english is not perfect not my first language

thanks for reading and i hope a solution soon cause euw is dead and people are going to leave there is bot problem etc but we can’t even playing the base content

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pls want to get answer and i’m sure i’m not alone @Roxx

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don’t worry, at this rate Jopsjeghnsn and Yarlfjwjjsjai will join you soon.

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any feed back ? @Roxx

they have already adressed this issue, i can understand if they dont want to reply the same question 500 times
But to save you some time , they are aware of this problem. nothing specific


They will leave you there. Because there is no solution. They can turn off character unlocking in other regions if they want, but why would they? Classic AGS they actually need to write a book. How do you lose millions?

knowing that they try to fix bot issue with banning vpn its no surprise if they ban all EUW players that is playing in other servers to try fix this problem

  1. Stop spam tagging cms. They already answerd this in another threads.
  2. In euw, in the morning, 95% of population are at work. After 12:00 am cet, any queue is 5-10 seconds.
  3. Probably 3% of the entite lost ark population do chaos dubgeons in a group. Its easier alone.
  4. 3 months into the game release, most players are at t3+, so its normal almost nobody is in lower tier content.

i’m t3+ …
well i’ll just go to euc and start from scratch and fock my money spent into euw

Not to make OP feel bad or anything but I’m SO FUCKING GLAD I didn’t jump on the EUW bandwagon and stuck to 20k queues in zinnervale when the game first launched. This was to be expected so I didn’t make the jump.

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I stated t2 because you wrote t2 dungs in the thread.

Anyway, if you move to euc, sell all your things here, and buy blue crystals. Then buy crystaline aura. The aura is acc wide. You can use it on any region.

i talked about argos and hmd dugeon

and thx for the tip

well done but i got zero of the state of the game i didn’t played day one

well just start botting on EUC since AGS don’t care about bots , that way you get your time/grind back and EUC get their Q back , everyone’s happy :slight_smile: