EUW keeps dying, we need a CM update asap

Please update us @Roxx

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Only option is to quit playing or change regions, there won’t ever be a region transfer or anything like that.

they have said multiple times they’re working on solutions; copium or not gotta believe them until proven wrong, no mildly sane person will re-do their whole progress in another region

They working on server transfers but not on region transfers.

source? i’ve searched multiple threads and this was never the case… thanks

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Because it’s simply far to complex to move from one reigon to another one, I don’t know of any game in history where it was possible to transfer a character between regions or even where regions got merged.

And source? That they never talked about region transfers, only about server transfers. You won’t find any post where they talk about implementation of region transfers.

theres other ways to approach it, examples being ah/matchmaking/find party merges “only” and not whole server merges


AH and party finder already is cross server, and I don’t see that they can make it cross region.

Region merger is nothing new in the MMORP Genre.
In Lotro the whole european server cluster got moved to the US one.

hope is the last to die, surely in 2022 the technology will allow it

Also depends on how the infrastructure is build though.

It’s already hard enough for them to implement server transfers.

It’s not matter of technology is the matter of how f*cked up their code base is.

prayge boys

Dw, arcanist will bring back a lot of people

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a spike in activity doesn’t fix the problems thou sadge

We are aware of the current health of the servers on EU West and are working through solutions for how to handle this; unfortunately dev work is being done to put systems in place and understand game limitations, so it does take time, but we are aware and working on getting a solution for the problem


This must depend on how they set the regions up though I assume, I get moving people from NAE to NAW is gonna cause a lot of people a huge issue with ping etc

A bit of google here but California to Maine is ~3500 miles (I dont know where E/W servers for US are), EUW to EUC Servers is about ~650miles apart BUT… depending on where you live in “Western Europe” your actually closer to the EUC server than the EUW anyway.

Suppose it comes to whether it would break the AH/group finder etc by having EUW/EUC merged… I’ve no idea if it would or not, as there’s no breakdown on steam etc, of how many players are in each region… Based on Server status from Server Status | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

NAW - 7 servers, 6 busy, 1 good
NAE - 15 servers all good
EUC - 19 servers, 1 busy, 18 good
EUW - 8 Servers, all good
SA - 9 servers, all good

NAW has queues to login as it has 7 ‘realms’ and all but 1 are busy even though its 1-3pm when most people are at work

NAE should have more people on as its later, but they have 15 servers so zero are actually busy

EU has 27 ‘realms’ Its between 9pm-midnight depending on where you live and only 1 is busy,

Thank you for the heads up!

SA server update : the 3 least populated became occupied by bot…

All EUC servers are “Busy” and it’s 11:27pm. due to bots. We starting to have queues also.