EUW Login Event rewards changed?

Why have the EUW Login Event rewards been changed? The Crystalline Aura was kind of one of the reasons I was willing to start over knowing that I could get that by playing on EU West… So now I have even less incentive to move over and lose literally everything I’ve had in my 153 hours on EU Central.

First rewards
New terrible rewards.

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Yes they changed and thats not okay i changed server because of that and better queues…

did you lose your crystalline aura despite you used it already?

I just hit my 3rd day on EUW so I didn’t even get the 3 days, but honestly this is a fucking joke.

no i have the aura

Only reason I think is that Crystalline Aura is Account-Wide. It activates in any region. Some people find out that and used it to get 14 days aura on EUC or US even, instead of migrating to EUW…

but they could have had the decency to put something else useful there instead, this is almost insulting, i get the gems could have been exploited for aura, but the replacement rewards are just dogshit and make me want to want to not play until eu central servers no longer have queues.

this is not ok the tryhards break all the rules and we are the one getting fu**** in ****

None of the servers they added on 2nd wave to EUC expansion have queues anymore. Except Sirius realm, which can have 1-2k only still. But matchmaking is region-wide so you’ll still have matchmaking isssues on those realms at EUC if todays fix doesn’t solve it. Will see the results at prime time I guess and next weekend’s prime time to be sure.

I put all my hours into Kadan which still has ridiculous queues so i will not just restart on another euc server, plus i still lose everything if i start on an euc server as the game is all server based for some stupid reason.

People from EUC were creating characters there for the free aura. Of course instead of allowing this since it was caused by their own incompetence, they punish the players.

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now we need to wait for solution. they should have made quest in Rohendel that gave the aura and the crystals

So that was just bait. Don’t they care about their public image? I mean bad public image is worse then giving out free 14 days of crystalline aura. Which would be just fair since we couldn’t use ours on EUC for days and now they are asking people to move over without any compensation.

are we getting any information about this?

That’s bad

im waiting for some one of the staff/mods to say something here but till now nothing…

Next day same trash rewards waiting for my 500 CRYSTALS

Hi there

It is correct, the rewards changed, it has been confirmed by a CM.

We do appreciate the feedback, feel free to use the feedback section for any further feedback. Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

Have a great week everyone.

Are the team considering adjusting these new rewards as they really feel lackluster and are not much incentive for players to start over and lose all their progress on eu central.

It was bad to start with, now for many people it just simply is not an option. £200 + on founder and shop store items, all the time investment, the login for EUC and twitch drops…all of this gone completely for very poor rewards on EUW.

Yes I think people wont want to switch unless they are new or haven’t invested much into the game so far.