EUW Login rewards missing

So today (14.03.2022) at 11:00 am (daily reset time) the login events on EUW Punika vanished and are not available anymore, without any form of communication and without them beeing completed.

At 10:43 am, a few minutes before the daily reset the extra EUW login reward tab was still visible with the extra login rewards


The same on Shadespire EUW server. Login reward tab disappeared, didn’t even take a half of gifts :confused:

Same here, moved from EU central to WEST some weeks ago.

The login event tab is missing since day reset.

same here, server stoneheart on europe west, 2nd reward tab disapeared

same here in moonkeep no rewards


Same in Punika.

Same here. Punika

Yup. EUW rewards were marked as 10.3 - 14.3 instead of 10.3 - 14.4, and it was brought up several times on this forum before. Nothing changed and here we are. There’s another topic on this issue here: EuW login rewards removed... a second time?!

For me, the rewards tab has also disappeared. Punika, EUW.