🇬🇧 [EUW ~ Moonkeep] ✶Dreamstate✶ (Level 10+) P3/Argos Premades Cleared Within 30Mins/Multiple Valtan Teams in Rotation ✾ Recruiting Long Term Players! Newly RELAXED Requirements! ✾ Intense GvG (24/7 Rank 1 Weekly Pushes! x3 Guilds) 1 Spots Left!

Official Intro x1

Guild: Dreamstate “Collective” :smiling_imp:
Realm: EUW ~ Moonkeep & Stonehearth :earth_africa:
Language: English but we harbour a wide range of EU nationality’s :eu: :uk:

In-game Guild Sets are as listed below: :arrow_down_small:

*☆ Dreamstate ☆ *
**( :bar_chart: Guild Level: 10 / Guild Shop Level 5)
1385+ Item Level (Main Roster: Consists only of 1400+ intensely committed & active individuals all hardcore, striving to compete at the highest competitive level within Lost Ark PvE scene with x4 Rotating Scheduled Raid Teams - Argos on repeated farm for weeks, all phases cleared within 30minutes per reset - 24/7 Weekly GvG Rank 1 Push)

☆ Dreamstate Two ☆
( :bar_chart: Guild Level: 5 / Guild Shop Level 3)
1370+ Item Level (2nd Main Roster: Less intense main roster, lower thresholds to meet on a weekly basis & more relaxed requirements concerning progression) 24/7 Weekly GvG Rank 1 Push
Limited Spots Left!!

☆ Dreamstate Reserves ☆
( :bar_chart: Guild Level: 1 / Guild Shop Level 1)
Alts Only! (First Alt Guild)
Passcode Protected (Automatic Join)

☆ Dreamstate Stockzone
( :bar_chart: Guild Level: 1 / Guild Shop Level 1)
Alts Only! (2nd Alt Guild)
Passcode Protected (Automatic Join)

☆ Dreamstate Three ☆ - 1370+ Item Level (3rd Alt Guild)
Currently Full

Who we are:
Dreamstate is a Collective Brand of Real OGs Gaming Organization, we have & will continue to prosper within World of Warcraft where our journey started. But we’ve now shifted most of our focus over competitively to Lost Ark. This being due to how mainstream the game is & the competitive scene has yet to be moulded.

What are we wanting to achieve:
Dreamstate as a guild will want to achieve a range of goals over the next year or two period.
A few of these will be -

Striving to compete at the highest level possible within Lost Arks PvE scene, hopefully being able to expand & secure sponsors or such alike.
We’re a community first and foremost, so we’re wanting to bring Community Values straight back to the player base where they started! This means giveaways, boosts & community events.(In more aspects than Semi-Hardcore and above)
Providing the Community more avenues than originally available to prosper & grow. (Stream Promotion/Guides/Premium Items free & integrated fully for the publics consumption)
Building a Brand/Business but within a family like atmosphere & core values alike.
Setting Levels on a Global Scale when it comes to Lost Ark, competitively & casually (PvE Primarily).
➼ Rank 1 24/7 on Guild v Guild Activities & Engagements

Who we cater/appeal towards:
➼ 18+ (Currently no one below the age of 21 within the Rosters)
➼ Casual/Community Roster Wise: Anyone & Everyone, you play at your own pace!
➼ Main Guilds: Semi-Hardcore & above, committed & keen individuals which primarily main Lost Ark as a whole and a strive for perfection in all content.

As a Community we really appeal to everyone, we do knowledge runs/boosts to include Casual/Less invested individuals. We provide everything possible to prosper from our end, you just need the drive & commitment. We ideally only want to attract long-term members with core values at heart.

Guild Content Interest:
GvG (Player Versus Player)
GvE (Guild Versus Environment)

We’ll be entering all guild content available actively on a regular basis
We’ll be one of the striving Top Guilds within Moonkeep if not Europe - West fully

:exclamation: We don’t currently have a primary focus on PvP (We are a PvE Hardcore Primary Guild) but do have a small part of the community which does & always try to incorporate it when possible with Tournaments & alike :exclamation:

Mandatory attendance will depend on your current Dreamstate Guild Set
(Example: Dreamstate Main Guild would be required to attendance all Guild Versus content regularly)

Main Regulations to note for all Main Guilds (Except Casual Roster - Dreamstate Reloaded):
All Alts are required to join Dreamstate Guilds for Progression/Longevity Reasons
Activity Kick Timers are checked weekly (Ranging from 5-14 days of inactivity depending on Guild Set & you’ll be informed/removed)
Global Chats are our main form of Communication, therefore you’re required to join our main ones.

We’ve already been excessively praised on our strict formats, regulations & professionalism. We could explain abundantly future plans & previous milestones.

Become part of the quickest growing, most diverse & competitively invested community’s within Moonkeep!

Active Giveaways:
:dizzy: ➼ We currently have a £100 Steam Gift Card Giveaway
:dizzy: ➼ Cash Prize PvP Tournament (Streamed/Commentated)
Lost Ark Community & Out of House People Welcome

Official Real-OGs/Dreamstate Website

Compiled Lost Ark Guides List

Apply via these or In-Game and you’ll receive a whisper before being accepted to confirm we’re the correct guild for you (saving both party’s cooldown periods)
All new recruits will be answered within 24 hours

Discord Tag: OGRKonataIzumi :smiling_imp:#5731
Official Discord Server: Real OGs Official Discord Server
Recruitment Form: Dreamstate Recruitment



I hope you get new members soon, really liking your post :hugs: much love from EUC

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Thanks a lot! Appreciated more than you know, always good to see EU supporting each other!

Remember to drop by if you’re ever on EUW!

:heavy_heart_exclamation: from Dreamstate! Stay grinding boys & girls! :fireworks:

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do u have 1 spot for my main character? lvl 1390

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Main Guild Full till reset (2 spaces will come up then)

Any new/pending recruits will join alternative 2nd/3rd main guilds!

Now almost over 60+ daily active members strong across 5 main guilds/casual rosters

Dreamstate Two (2nd Main/Hardcore/Competitive) - Now has a limited space of 6 spots

4 more spots due to levelling/removes in main guild: Dreamstate (Moonkeep)
~ Level 10 - 44/48 members - 1370+ - Raiders/Daily Active only

Also now expanding onto EUW-Stonehearth!

If interested apply the same means listed above, the following guilds will be actively raiding on the above server:
Dreamstate Inc - Main/1370+/Hardcore
Dreamstate x - 2nd Main/1340+/Semi-Hardcore

Now pushing GvG Actively with x3 Guilds - 24/7 Rank 1 Weekly Pushes!!