[EUW - Moonkeep] [ENG] Average


Server: EUW - Moonkeep

Hey, we are Brown Horse and we are recruiting for active members ideally over 30 years old. We currently have 14/30 active members. We have some members pushing gear score and doing end game content daily, and other members that can only play a few times per week.

Brown Horse is for you if:

You would like to join as a solo player looking to reap the benefits of being in a guild.

OR if you already play with a group that would like to keep playing together and move over here to benefit from guild bonuses.

You want to join a guild where there is no pressure to rush and push gearscore, but people are dedicated and consistent in their guild activities such as donations and weekly tasks.

You don’t want to feel pressure to push gear score as long as you donate silver each day (although there are members of the guild that will be pushing gear score and harder content).

If you would like to join in an organised, but overall easy going guild, add me on discord Jrslims#2013

Hey, I tried to add you on discord but for some reason it can’t find you?

Hey sorry, I think the original post had my name in lower case - try Jrslims#2013

If that doesn’t work, let me know!