[EUW | Moonkeep] Felt guild is looking for enjoyers

Hi there, I’m Nicolas; ign Loupe.
Guild name: Felt
Requirements: ilvl 302
Apply to join!

I’m pretty new to Lost Ark, starting with the western release, and having rerolled on EUW I just hit T3. I made the guild because I want the name over my head mostly, but figure I should give it a shot and try to recruit some people. Whether you’re new or have prior experience, if you’re looking for casual but (hopefully) active guide, this might be it. Or you maybe you just also want to have “Felt” over your head because you’re also a fan of the doujin circle. Doesn’t it look baller?

We’ll hopefully help each other with Raids and Abyssal Dungeons and whatnot. I personally love collectables in games, so will definitely be a mixture of vertical and horizontal progression, and always nice to have people to share the experience with.

Have not formulated any real requirements, but a few of things I suppose:
ilvl 302 (so you’re actually playing the game)
Guild communication will be in English, so some level of fluency is necessary
Please donate to the guild and do weekly tasks :upside_down_face:
Be tolerant of mistakes in PvE or lack of game knowledge; teach, don’t flame
Just be a decent human bean


Re-rolled on EUW and made the same guild. Feel free to join :slight_smile: