[EUW - Moonkeep] Realm

Guild: Realm
Server: EU West - Moonkeep
Language: English
Focus: PvX
Level: 16

is a large guild (50+ active players) focused on exploring and clearing all kinds of content the game has to offer.
We’re a chill and mature bunch of folks progressing through the game, teaming up for most of the activities available. We’re patient, helpful, and we always try our best to include everyone in daily activities.
While we’re not hardcore players, nor min/maxing every aspects of the game, we’re definitely on the competitive end of the spectrum, and we’re able to have fun and maintain a good atmosphere even during the toughest raids or situations.
We’re organized and structured, we run group activities around a guild schedule, and offer a lot of tools for players to find either a temporary group with whom to run guild activities, or a permanent one to progress with!

Primetime for weekly runs and main guild activities starts from 18:00 server time.

:small_orange_diamond: Valtan/Vykas/Argos Weekly runs
:small_orange_diamond: Static Groups
:small_orange_diamond: GvG & GvE
:small_orange_diamond: Alt Guilds
:small_orange_diamond: Alliance
:small_orange_diamond: Discord

:small_blue_diamond: Age 25+
:small_blue_diamond: Team players with a positive attitude
:small_blue_diamond: ilvl 1445+

If that sounds like something you’d be interested to be a part of, or you want additional information and a more detailed description, reach out here or on Discord at Qimath#3413

:warning: Currently not recruiting Sorceress (unless part of a group)