[EUW- Moonkeep] Two 1415 players looking for guild


Me and my friend are looking for a guild we can do raids (Argos/Valtan, later Vykas) and guild activities with.
We are playing every day, doing daily contents and events

About us (currently):
Item level: 1415 - Bard main (Support)
My friend: 1416.33 - Deathblade main (Surge)

Other things worth mentioning:

We both have 3 level 3 engravings.
We prefer guilds with a Discord server.
We won’t go into separate guilds, and prefer to be in the same static team.
We are usually calm and collected, won’t rage on most of things.

If you think we can be useful members to your guild, please reply here/whisper me ingame (Shiroamylia) or message me on Discord: Shiro ☆#1212 (the star is needed too)

Thank you for reading this.
Have a nice day! ^^

LaiLai Inc :notes: lvl9
We do weekly Argos P3 and yesterday we did Valtan Gate 1 for the first time, and started on Gate 2 but then it got too late so we had to stop :smile:

We have a Discord channel where we make events
We don’t really have set “raid days” but Thursday has been our Argos day and soon we will switch that to Valtan raid day, and move Argos to a different day
Events start at 18:30 UTC

We are a small guild, atm we get around 9-10 signups for Argos/Valtan so we haven’t been able to get a 2nd group at the same time but we are trying to recruit more people :slightly_smiling_face: