EUW party finder hell - help

Hey, I love the game and want it to be a long term progression for me.
However on EUW finding groups for t2 guardians for alts takes a full 20-30 minutes for a single run, I have 7 alts. It takes a lot of time to find groups and run it with all if someone in your guild isn’t available to trade carries. In addition, matchmaking is barely faster haha I spent 13 minutes in it the other day for Helgaia and had to quit.

Honestly I have no solution for any of this, just think it sucks that I’m spending more time making groups and switching characters than actually playing those alts because of how long it takes to get people together.
I’m really hoping one day groups for simple t2 guardians can be made in under 10 minutes, I would find that reasonable.

thanks for reading

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I feel your statement currently very much.
There is exactly only one active Progress Guild on our server that is actively running Argos 1-3.
Because the others very frustrated gradually come to us again and again the activists players from other guilds and tell about the fact that the others have often stopped completely.

This will also be the case on the other servers. And sooner or later some servers will have no active guilds at all or it will stay at one guild per server.

If THEN they don’t act fast enough and merge the realms again, they will lose a bunch of players again.

Basically, on the one hand, you don’t need many players BUT because so little is then offered in the action house, because there are simply no active players, you are permanently slowed down and will lag behind extremely in the long term in contrast to EU Central.

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EU is so fucked man, first the queues and now dead EUW servers?

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I saw this coming when they released EUW, when hype dies player base will lower. So since EUW was for those that gave up on EUC they are more likely to give up the game again, and there is definitely players that played EUW until EUC got better which is the time they would return, this makes it so EUW is less popular which will increase the draining of players that will either stop or return to EUC.
They should have split EUC temporarily instead. Now they should merge EUW servers back to EUC when there is few enough active players on both regions to still have stabilize servers.


I didn’t think about it much at the time considering 4+ hour long queues but yeah you probably made the right call looking back.
Hope you’re right and it’s technically feasible to do a region merger.

30 min wait for guardian raids? Holy f thats messed up…. Devs should ve gotten rid of the bots first before making whole new region, then everyone wouldve been happy dang

I don’t see a reason why it would not be feasible especially since it is located in the same place. “just” connect it with EUC region. We get more servers but that should not be to bad. At least they would get Matchmaking. What to do about pvp rating is up to Amazon really. The longer they wait the worse it gets.

The servers are physically not at the same place, EUW servers are located in Dubai as far as I know… then there are character/guild name issues, contract issues with server provider then compensation issues for those who had better ping on EUW etc etc. but i hope it happens soon

You must be playing at some weird hours, I do T2 guardian raids everyday on my alts on EUW using matchmaking and the queue is either instant or only 1-2 minutes. It is a shame there are no groups in partyfinder but they are really not needed for this content.

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EUW servers are in Dublin, Ireland, not Dubai

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Over on Thirain, a lot of the EUW players cut their losses and came back so I fear for the EUW players and that the community will only get smaller. AGS really should step in and include your servers into EUC at this point.

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Yeah the 13 minute matchmaking was middle of the night, that is true. I like party finder more in general but I’ll try to run all my alt guardians with matchmaking today maybe you’re right :slight_smile:

@Roxx you should probably look into this tho. These people largely only even went to EUW because we had 4 hours queues and a completely dysfunctional raid finder between the hours of 11am to 12am. 13 hours a day it was basically not even an option to use. Getting into a chaos dungeon was a nightmare, and that was completely solo content. They’re mostly just getting screwed over by a compounded measure due to the sheer lack of pre-planning by AGS.


If they did way early something against the bots … EU W wouldn’t be needed at all … Now they opened up a dead realm

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Returning back to you on this after trying it, yes there are people in matchmaking during the day (though I have had 8+ minute queues repeatedly so 1-2 minute queue pops consistently is wild to me). However the number of failed runs in matchmaking is ridiculous, with give up instantly attitude which very clearly shows the need for a party finder even in content for which its “really not needed”.
Sometimes you’ll get both an alt’s run done in 25 minutes, other times you’ll run it 3 times and fail all 3.
Again, I wish one day I can just party finder a group here, genuinely more fun and consistent.

seems like EUW is just a region for new players to try LA and when they’re finished then RIP EUW.