EUW Server overview and language choices

EUW servers

Rethramis   => France
Tortoyk     => Portuguese 
Moonkeep    => English
Stonehearth => English / Scandinavian
Shadespire  => International
Tragon      => Spanish
Petrania    => Italian
Punika      => German

EU Languages


Do we need more languages or changes to server choice?

Link to forum post:

Link to Reddit Post:

Announcement was made at 16:00 CET, servers go live at 18:00 CET, post was made ~16:15 CET


  • changed Moonkeep to 2nd English.
  • changed Petrania to Italian.
  • changed Tragon to France.
  • added Portuguese to Punika.
  • swapped german and portuguese servers.
  • swapped Spanish and France servers.
  • added Scandinavian to Stonehearth.
  • Shadespire is now set to international.

Give Punika to the germans, this is a german Orange Juice Trademark XD


Bugger off, us scandinavians are going Stoneheart

Edit: And german pool is voting Punika

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I can switch this around

Punika have more Ger votes. EU West Server DE -

the Spanish community is throwing for Tragon

Where is this assignment from?

Why would there be only 2 ENG servers on EU West where 96%+ people talk English…?
Also why is Polish in EU West?


The real question

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problem is, theres now this post saying rethramis for english, a reddit poll saying moonkeep and a poll on here saying shadespire its getting confusing

Clownfest inc where we all fill 1 or 2 servers and end up having long queues again


Stoneheart will be mostly EN

Ok, Nostradamus.

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Who decided this list? I’ve seen a lot of people of EN and Nordics wanting to start in Stoneheart, yet I haven’t seen any other language wanting to start there. So how come it suddenly is dictated to be Spanish-speaking?

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But an other thread is saying Stonehearth is gonna be English…

The guy who made the post prob attempting to control it all

Totally agree here. The Community is doing exactly the greatest misstake again. One Language on one server. This is responsible for big Q Times on Asta, Zinner and so on. And now again, really? You are saying AGS didn’t learn from New World. Did you learn from Lost Ark? serious Question!

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Pretty sure this person just made it up. Cos you know, it’s a totally normal thing for a random on the forums to just designate servers for everyone.

because everyone started polls, where are all over the place instead of a universal agreement, which was started via discord.

Polls don’t work if we got 2 hours time to decide.

And who are you to decide this?