EUW Server overview and language choices

Who decided this list? I’ve seen a lot of people of EN and Nordics wanting to start in Stoneheart, yet I haven’t seen any other language wanting to start there. So how come it suddenly is dictated to be Spanish-speaking?

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But an other thread is saying Stonehearth is gonna be English…

The guy who made the post prob attempting to control it all

Totally agree here. The Community is doing exactly the greatest misstake again. One Language on one server. This is responsible for big Q Times on Asta, Zinner and so on. And now again, really? You are saying AGS didn’t learn from New World. Did you learn from Lost Ark? serious Question!

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Pretty sure this person just made it up. Cos you know, it’s a totally normal thing for a random on the forums to just designate servers for everyone.

because everyone started polls, where are all over the place instead of a universal agreement, which was started via discord.

Polls don’t work if we got 2 hours time to decide.

And who are you to decide this?


Which Discord?

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EDIT: The other Poll got deleted? Now Moonkeep is the biggest English choice

meanwhile: :popcorn:

Is this fake news or some hidden agenda by OP?

Here is the biggest poll fort he English server:

With Shadespire being the clearly preferred English choice. Why does it say Poland here?

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Se confirma comunidad española en Tragon…

Lost Ark official discord …

Eu region channel

Seems the spanish are going Tragon

I think shadespire will be one of those contested regions without a real dominating language because everyone will try to claim it, leading in a stalemate. Might be the most populated new server though, which is also interesting because we don’t know how popular EUW will become as of yet.

thank you for taking the initiative so quickly. the discussion was a mess for the 2nd wave of EUC servers, because different polls were spread and the streamers only gave information out of the posts in the official forum, so this might actually be helpful. and if you even edit your initial post based on newest poll results it might lead to less confusion and unified information transfer

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It’s not on the official Amazon Games lost ark discord…

Meaning: It’s some sort of private server.

I mean… I’m chuffed that my pick is at the top there, but still.

This is why polls are terrible I have seen 2 other english polls with different top results …

we have 2 hours since announcement and polls are going to do nothing, because everyone is going to create it resulting in all language in the same server and language wars all over again …

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Why are you doing this again? Honestly stop with such things.

Let people play wherever they want.

2 English servers KEKW


NGL, at least 4 servers SHOULD be English. I don’t really understand what Polish is doing on that list? But if anything they should be in EU Central.