EUW Server population

Dear players that want to switch to EUW,

don’t stick to the one Server your “community officially” voted - it doesn’t matter what server you pick - you will find people that speak the same language like you all the time. Pick Servers that are less populated. You can join the “Portuguese server” - without problems. Germany/Austria picking Server “Punica” with nearly 100 mil. people might be a bit to much if their player base only joins one server. Meanwhile Portugal with only 10 mil. people sitting on a server for their own because you might be scared of finding nobody speaking your language.

You will do! It doesn’t matter which server i create a character on, i see italian, german, english, spanish, french, swedish, czech and so on…

The only thing that these unofficially language servers will do, is creating Server Qs and getting a second EUC where 3 Servers are exploding and 5 others are mostly fine and most importantly nearly all the good stuff Lost Ark has to offer is cross-server/region wide.

Dear AGS Team,

can you please have an active eye on the new EUW Servers and lock Servers temporary if necessary. Maybe give a 24 hours Heads up. But lock them if they are at ~70% capacity. We’re already getting at least 3 Servers at busy - just because the player base is clumping instead of spreading onto all the god damn new 8! Servers, because there scared of reading another language than their own. So please force the players to spread onto the servers!

I know people will get mad - but i will also get really mad if my server is getting Qs again after i switched and already lost my progress. It is your responsibility to stop let this happen.

My guild switched, we did our part to help and “paid” the price of losing all progress of that week. @Roxx @Seawolf please you have to keep an eye on that.


So you switched to Moonkeep or Rethramis, which you knew beforehand would be the two most popular servers, and then come to the forums to tell other people to go to other servers instead.

What if other people have friends in those two servers? Should they not be allowed to play with them, because you would get mad to have queues?

Also, there is literally no point in locking servers at 70% capacity. If locking needs to happen then it should be once after a small queue as amounted (say up to 500-1000 queue). Not before that.


Punica, Rethramis, Moonkeep are busy sometimes during the day.

There were 3 or 4 Servers were no community had their fingers on. Yes we picked one from that, funny that you said it, was basically at the bottom from all strawpolls that got created that evening, even in the following days. So yes we picked one from these that nobody wanted to go. Not was “beforehand known to be most popular” - maybe you can share your sources where you got your numbers from.

"What if other people have friends in those two servers? Should they not be allowed to play with them, because you would get mad to have queues?"

As i said, you can give a heads up to tell people “that server will be closed because its getting full, if you have friends there go now.”

Holy… That 70% was just a random number. Nobody knows what 70% means for the server population. Just before the server is getting to full again. But yes the better solution is to just let the server be rampart full again so more people might be affected when the server is locked and friends cannot join.
Do it early, just for a week - so other servers get new player influx and then you can open again. When Qs are there, the server is full and it only gets worse.

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Moonkeep and Rethramis were the two servers that was highest on the strawpolls to be selected. It was even the most discussed server options in the Discord channel. So it really is no surprise that they are the ones that are busy. That’s the whole reason me and my friends chose Stoneheart instead, since it was about the 3rd most popular server for english speaking people, as well as the popular choice for scandinavian people.

Punica was easily going to be busy as it was the most popular server choice for german-speaking people, due to it having the same name as a juice brand. Which was also heavily discussed before EUW got opened.

Having a small queue of e.g. 500 to 1000 people is not bad. 500 people would be at most 15 minute queue, if even that. Locking a server before there even are any queues would provide other issues such as splitting up guild transfers or friends from playing with eachother.

Switched from Zinnerdale to Moonkeep and couldn’t be happier, chat always active and english most of the time and no queues so far, even when it says busy.

Switched to Moonkeep the day EUW opened and honestly, best decision I made regarding the game.

I’m annoyed I had to sacrifice time invested and items (just let us reclaim our Twitch drops already…) but the benefit far outweighs the cost.

Its not about Moonkeep…holy cow. The Server Status Web Page is all day fine so it’s not alarming. It’s about people flocking to a single server because their “community” picked a server which doesn’t matter at all in the long run and will only recreate the shit show that happened on EUW.

But you don’t get it. You only think i don’t want people to come to my server.

I just want to encourage people to spread or we will end up having Qs again in EUW because of 345 unofficial bs polls.
I work from home and i can start my computer whenever i want. Stop trying to make it about me.

Switching servers, losing progress, losing money if you already bought stuff in EUC and then being greeted by the same problem after a week because some small percentage of the community decides where you have to go :+1:

And if you look into that thread:
EUW Server overview and language choices - General Discussion / General Discussion - Lost Ark Forums (
The region is open and oh well your Stoneheart should be spanish…no wait - french. oh wait no! its english… so much to the polls.

Again you ignore the fact that i said you can close the server with a heads up date so everybody would have a chance to go there beforehand and AGAIN only temporary to encourage try different servers.
You’re not planning for the long run if you react when its to late. It would also help guilds and groups to have more insight on their choice for server and know if its already a bit more crowded.

Spare you’re time to answer, i won’t read it. I just try to help and you only want to fight because you instantly attacked my and accused me of being selfish and locking out friends to play together.

Let them recreate the whole situation in EUW and let the community cry again, because they cannot accept that a single server cannot hold the whole community for that language.

So it’s not about you, eh?

I’m not disagreeing with that people should join servers that are “Good” rather than “Busy” to try and avoid creating queues, but what I’m disagreeing with is locking servers that doesn’t even have queues because you have a fear that it might happen. I’m not ignoring any “facts”.

It’s easier to just jump to another server and doing the good favour yourself instead of pledging all the “new players” to consider the dead servers.
Maybe you should suggest to the devteam about a slight exp boost for the servers in need of more players instead of complaining about the queues lol.

If you joined EUW when it was created you were warned it will end up dead. You can only blame yourself.