EUW - Shadespire - [ecu] PvP/PvE Casual Clan LF Members


Members: 7/30

//PvE/PvP Casual Guild, anyone welcome!

We’re a new guild looking to recruit new members to do PvP/PvE with; we’re all quite new to the game and are still learning so we’d love to have other people to learn with!

  • No Mandatory Donations, but Silver Donations are HEAVILY appreciated
  • Open to anyone wanting to learn PvP or PvE, we have members interested in the majority of content in Lost Ark
  • Fun Clan Events are something we’re planning to do if they gather enough interest!
  • We’re very laidback with our rules, except no bullying and no racism etc
  • We have a discord we’re currently working on which could really use suggestions to help it grow

//What we offer:

  • Ex Raiders/PvE players from other mmos looking to learn Lost Ark content
  • Ex Multiclass Top PvP player from other mmos looking to get high ranks when ranked releases - happy to help out anyone looking to get into Lost Ark PvP
  • A very chill, laidback environment with no excessive drama
  • Anyone welcome, no matter the gearscore as long as you’re having a good time.


  • While its not 100% essential we’re an English speaking clan so being able to communicate in English is a big help; however, if you’d still like to join despite not being able to communicate well in English we’ll help you out as much as we can!

  • Don’t be too sweaty, while wanting to progress and get better at the game is understandable - at the end of the day it IS just a game and we don’t want anyone’s Lost Ark experience being ruined by someone taking it too seriously.


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