EUW situation/experience so far

Hello. i have moved to EUW for like 1 week more or less. All i can say is that every system works fine so far, but the problem is theres content in the game, atleast on the server i am on right now (Shadespire) that its not accessible because there are not enough people.

World bosses for example are not doable because 2-3 people with the ILVL required will not do much since it will reach Berzerk and just heal back. The guardian raids and Abyss dungeons have a wait time that shows the fact that not enough people have moved.
Honestly i feel like there was barrely a reward for people moving to West and the longer the time went the more people settled in and progressed even tho other servers have omega queue. I personally don’t think EUW was out in time as a solution and i didn’t help much since i keep watching streamers that have Matchmaking problems on EUC, so EUW did not help much because people did not feel rewarded enough to transfer.

All i noticed so far is that there some people on EUW but most of us can’t use all the methods and events that are there in order to help you progress; it’s either impossible to do because the lack of people and when you find people , the might give up after the 1st wipe and then back to the matchmaking waiting list once again.
Is there something you guys are planning or what is going to happen with the EUW population, because from what im noticing its barrely increasing. I have been in few guilds so far just to see how it goes in term of people playing the game, i would just join a guild that 90% of the people would go innactive that meaning either going back to EUC or not playing at all.

Auction House looks kinda tragic aswell, prices are very high, compared to EUC from what i observed so far, that also because of the population beign too low.

I am very curious what its going to happen, i hope the nerf of the content is not because of the lack of people on EUW, that would be a shame. I personally don’t think the content is hard, you just need enough people do it with and that means proper population (speaking of EUW) . I feel like AGS has to do something to actually make people interessed into EUW or some sort of transfer which will probably not happen.
I am very curious about whats going to happen next. :pensive:

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Give it time?

EUW has been out for about two weeks soon. Majority of players aren’t done with the main story yet.

Besides, Elden Ring just got released as well as other games gotten new updates, so there’s more than likely a small dip in the concurrent players. Give it time and you will see that it will be easier to queue for group-content.

I guess time will fix everything, right?

Which ones?
Because every single world boss ive done so far, has multiple channels with 15-20 people at each of them.
Guardian Raids, everything in T1 is an insta pop, Abyssal Dungeons T1/T2 pop up within 30seconds everytime ive tried to do them.

EUW in my experience so far is highly populated, you barely wait for any content to pop up.

Guilds in MMOs are 90% quiet and ‘crap’, you need to find that needle in the haystack guild if you want proper interactions.

REALLY curious to know which iLVL you are because this sounds very much like someone thats rushed to 1100+ iLVL where less than 1% of players are and then wonder why everyone isnt there with them.

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Oh yea? The server i am on right now has only 1 channel on most of the instances. Today for example we tried Chaotic chuo and Proxima and we were 4 people doing it, only 1 channel available. Bosses were healing the damage we were doing and we were all in the required ilvl.
My ilvl is currently 583 on EUW and Chuo requires 380 and Proxima 540 so both of them were in my range, same for the people there, i have checked their profiles, but we weren’t enough.
I was in the discords of the guilds i have joined and they went back to EUC/quit, that was the answer i was getting because of their inactivity.
I did not rush to 1100 cuz i wanna enjoy the game, some people tho are at 1100 and constantly whining and bitching in Area chat because not enough people to do content with aswell.

I haven’t faced any of these issues on Moonkeep because it’s one of the 3 decently populated servers on EUW.

No idea why they opened 8 servers instead of 4 or 6 and caused half of them to be more or less dead.

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Im on Shadespire and Moonkeep.
Admittedly havent logged on today because you know, working whilst browsing :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the EU is currently midweek in work hours currently, of course theres going to be less players in the game right now, because unlike EUC, people dont need to be queueing up remotely to get into the game later on.

Yesterday i did Chaotic Chuo on Shadespire, there were at least 8 channels on the island that i remember and the channel i was in had upwards of 15+ players doing Chuo.
You either did it at off-peak hours, in which case, yeah, it will be quieter of course?
Or youre just making it worse to prove a point.

Once again, guilds mean nothing in MMOs. Ive played MMOs with hundreds and hundreds of different guilds and maybe 1 in 100 lasted beyond the first month or was useful in any way.

In terms of anyone 1100iLVL complaining after like a week and a bit of the server being out that not enough people are that high levels, thats on them.
If you rush all content just to get to the very end game, youre always going to limit your options later on.

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Can confirm 20 days later region still dead

Im on stonehearth and did some world bosses yesterday and had zero issues doing them and when ive queued for abyssal dungeons its been instant.

So spreading news that EUW is dead when its not will only create problems.

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What content are you unable to do in EUW? Because so far I’ve had no issues getting groups for every content I’ve done.

No clue what abyssal you doing but I am always having to wait annoying times, and I have never done a world boss at the normal level cause there just isn’t the right amount of people