EUW still needs region merge

Just a reminder to AGS and SG that EUW is still in a terrible state.
Brel came like a knife with two blades. On one side it mitigated some of the player loss where some players came back to test the raid, but on the other it also made some players leave. What will happen when those that came back decide to leave again?

Currently, EUW’s market and auction house is a disgrace. Frog back in Oct-Nov was amazing to help with the inflation, but is now back to what it was pre-Frog, while every accessory has either dropped massively or skyrocketed in gold value.
There’s barely enough players to keep lower demanded accessories worth anything, while the incredible drops are impossible to buy and hard to sell.

“we’re looking into the technology to see if this is possible”. 11 months. I repeat, 11 months that this game has been running now and this will still be the answer that will be given to us.
If the roadmap is indication of anything is that there is no merge coming in the next 4 months.
Will the merge even happen this year? Will EUW even be alive by April?

EUW has always been barely alive. Before Brel it was practically dead. It will be worse after the next couple weeks. EUW needs to merge with EUC now! Not in May! Not in Summer. NOW


Its corporate talk when they are telling you that they might do something. Its the same when a mod/community manager replies to a thread with “we’ll pass it along to the team”.


Always knew it was corporate talk, but I always had some hope there was some planning and hidden things in the works, but it’s been almost a year now. How can a company create such a situation and take a year to start working on a fix?

Regardless of this causing me frustration, EUW really needs the attention right now. And I’m assuming NAW(or is it NAE?) has a similar issue… The economy in these regions is all messed up; the queue times (in matchmaking) are so bad! As early as midnight there’s barely any lobbies left to join; Last day before weekly reset and barely any parties being made; and the list goes on.
This will only get worse in the next months since there’s no new content until April.
This was expected, sure, but EUW is on the brink tbh - we need the merge asap.


I know all too well about the troubles on EUW, I used to play there. Stopped when Vykas came out with the intention to quit for good, but when Clown came out I started over on EUC because it made no sense to go back on EUW. It was horrible 6 months ago, I can only imagine how it is now. The merge should have happened long ago, in fact if they did their due diligence and started banning bots from the start, we wouldnt have needed another region in EU.

6 months ago I would have told you to bite the bullet and start over, but now? I cant, because what was happening on EUW from March to June when Argos came out and people were dropping left and right, the same is happening on EUC now. Hopefully Im wrong, but Im seeing the exact same thing all over again on EUC.


Oof, that is sad to hear…
Yeah, before Brel came out, a lot of the 1500+ gamers had stopped to take a break from the game or actually quit. Some of them came back and are mostly going hardcore like usual, but I’m expecting most of them to go again after a couple of weeks.

Dont get me wrong, its not like you cant find groups to do content or you cant find stuff on the AH. There’s still plenty of players on EUC, you can buy anything you want on the AH etc. What Im saying is, lots of people are quitting due to number of reasons and not enough new ones are replacing them. Perhaps EUC wont be a deserted island in a few months, but the general trend is headed that way.

A merge wouldn’t just benefit EUW players, it would benefit EUC as well.

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Don’t worry it will happens. Roxx confirmed the region merge is still in their plans, and soon they must do it.

When the mods forward messages to the team the teams actually read it and do implement it I know this from personal experience.

just bumping this. Hopefully AGS does more than reassure us of it being in their plans.

Sad but true. EUW need a REGION merge now. Please bump this everyday so we can see some light from the mods and team.


The excuse was that the regions seem to be healthy enough :slight_smile:
Actual reason is they haven’t even started developing it even though they had 1 year to predict that maybe opening 5 regions would fk the population density in the long run

Usually KMMOs tend to not push dev hours towards things that only affect a single non-main region
Waste of resources :3


“Healthy enough” isn’t when there are only a couple - or at best, a handful - of lobbies up for raids outside of peak hours… Anyone that plays endgame in EUW and tries EUC will see the difference in a second. EUW is not healthy enough at all. It’s barely alive tbh and it might remain like that due to the few only players that are remaining in the game/region.
If nothing is done in the next few months, even those will be gone eventually.

(Just in case AGS/SG has their definition of “healthy enough” a bit off)

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Fine example… EUW at 2/3 PM on a Saturday afternoon…