[EUW][Calvasus][FR/EN] Mokoko Vide recruits actives players!

Hello there,

Mokoko Vide, guild lvl 21 is recruiting actives players ! New or veteran, we are mostly a bunch of old players who knows together for years now ! We are playing the game since the release.

What we offer :
:white_check_mark: Tips about the game from horizontal (adventure tome, mokoko, sailing) to end game raids (valtan, vykas, kuku, brel)
:white_check_mark: An active discord for the game, to organize event and GVG
:white_check_mark: A chill guild with a good ambiance, we are pretty old so well :older_man: :older_woman:
:white_check_mark: Playing together, old or new together, for all contents.
:white_check_mark: maxed shop guild, with 70% contribution for the members
:white_check_mark: An alt guild, which are for slaves like me heheboy
:white_check_mark: more than 10K messages on discord with the emote “concernedfroge”
:white_check_mark: A fair distribution of gold to every participants of GVG

We want to complete our roster for GVG to be able to do S island instead of A one, and do more ends game raids ! a lot of people in the guild are already doing brel G6 with title, but we want to do more !

Requirements to be in the guild :
:white_check_mark: Speak either in french or english, since we have both of them.
:white_check_mark: Been at least lvl 1475, just to be able to play together. If you are not in this lvl yet, you can still join the discord or the alt guild “Poutou” which is open for everyone
:white_check_mark: Been polite and no toxic, of course obvious but still since we do GVG, no taunt will be tolerate.
:white_check_mark: Be at least 18+, since sometimes they are “adult jokes” and the majority are pretty old already lol

If you are interested, the best is to send us a message in private In game directly to our Guild Master, “Maelly” or any officers like “Azpirha” or “PoutouLove” . We will send discord link after exchanging some message, not on the forum to be sure not to “polluate” too much.

See you soon ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For french players, I will just write :
Mokoko Vide, guilde lvl 21 recherche des joueurs actifs qui sont prêts à faire du GVG pour compléter notre roster, et faire des raids end game. Un discord est disponible mais non obligatoire, mais beaucoup d’informations passent dessus.
Ambiance chill garantie, groupe de joueurs qui se connaissent depuis des années, donc noyau solide. N’hésitez pas à envoyer un message directement dans le jeu au guild master ou aux officiers “Maelly” “Azpirha” “PoutouLove” ou n’importe qui d’autres qui ont ce rôle

A bientôt IG ! Bisous :concernedfroge:

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