Even if Amazon magically removed all bots today

Lifeskilling would still take a long time to restabalise as a valid thing to do in-game for any kind of decent gold.

Economy getting worse by the day. Sort it out Amazon, cheers.

It’s caused not only by bots but by ppl don’t using other stuff then healing potions too. So everything except herbalism and excavation is cheap atm.

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Ok, now I know u’re not worth my time :smiley:

I’ve been monitoring the fish market very closely because I’ve had an interest in it. Those red fish you see there never had a massive supply, and those blue fish you see there were about 26 gold each. Within 48 hours, between 1.5 to 2.5 million of those red fish have flooded onto the market, and in turn, about 100,000 of the blue fish. The price of honing materials which use fish has absolutely tanked and become vastly overstocked too. There is no need to buy any of the other relevant honing lifeskill mats either so they’re naturally tanking along with the fish.

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You can also buy now that these things are dirt cheap and make profit later on

Or you could completely waste your gold doing that because there’s basically no indication right now that Amazon will do anything about this. It has gone on since launch.

well everything has a little risk

Believe me, I have more than enough fish as is.

I got your point, but there’s many “uknown” like platinum fieds tickets ( how many ppl just used their tickets and what for), how many ppl actually crafting honing materials and what life skill they use for…

But the amount that comes into market is just not sustainable to keep up with and it’s going to take a very long time for it to restabalise even if Amazon can sort it out.

Meinar I appreciate what you’re saying but believe me this is 100% bot influence.

I don’t say u’re totally wrong, bots are huge part of this for sure… but still, major part of players are in T2, after most players reach T3 prices will be very different

Meinar I spent hours spamming refresh on the fish page because it was extremely good gold flipping fish. I noticed about 15 other people doing the same thing as me. In the end, the bots put so much onto the market that the flippers undercut each other and it was no longer profitable. The other flippers also gave up buying, and now everything just sits there rapidly depreciating. This didn’t happen at any point in time before the bots moved from affinity rewards/welcome challenge rewards onto fish.

Further to this, this mostly started on Wednesday and on Thursday I can tell you that the amount of purchases made by the playerbase for fish/honing materials related to fish was monumental. People would buy out so much stock on Thursday, and even with that kind of pushback from the playerbase naturally purchasing these goods, the market still got overflooded because of the sheer volume of fishing bots. In some cases, stocks of 90,000+ would come in for pearls at 1g each. This is not a player putting something out in order to profit, you cannot profit on a 1g listing unless you’ve self farmed 90,000 pearls.


This tanked from 26 to 7 in under a week at a time where people were pushing their item level with the announcement that no upcoming changes are to be made to the honing system.

All I hear is:
“Bots made things chepaer for other players”
Wow, thanks bots!

Yes, it’s really great that lifeskilling was made obsolete overnight. Love that!

It wasn’t made obsolete, there’s many other things you can do with life skilling besides turning a profit lol

The game is out for just over a month… Relax!!! If this post would have been created in, let’s say, 5-6 months, maybe it is something to look at. But right now? Making decisions after that short of a lifespan, …