Even more bots on euc!

I spent time in west luterra, bibrin forest (Thirain EUC). Noted 236 different berserker bots in an hour. IN AN HOUR! They run faster than my legendary mount. They clip through objects while doing quests.

This is just one zone. AGS is doing absolutely nothing against this. Crystal price is rising fast due to this. AGS is doing NOTHING.

AGS have zero personell working on ridding servers of bots, they rely on players to report. Once someone accumulate enough reports their system flag that account and someone review it, they dont actively monitor and just take actions based on reports. It’s insane, this will never stop the bots.

The reason for the long queues are the bots and AGS not removing them. It’s not because of limited server architecture, it’s AGS cheaping out on us and refusing to remove bots.

Same on Neria, this morning at 5 am, at the tavern of Prideholme, in only 5 minutes i have counted at least 50 different bots, all Berserker or Sorceress.
All of them doing the exactly same pattern: approach the World Leaves vendor and recall.

I left Neria to play on Moonkeep one week ago for the queues.
In the morning, before work, i log on Neria for daily reward and stronghold stuff.

It made me mad to know i can’t play with my friends on Neria because many slots on the server are occupied by bots.

Do something or you will have a server full only with bots…

Ich verstehe auch nicht warum die nicht gebannt werden damit endlich mal die Queue aufhört! AGS hat anscheinend Karnevals Urlaub!

Aber lasst die Server zu das keine neuen kommen können!!!