Even more bots today in EUC!

AGS isnt banning bots at all it seems. Saw trains of them in rohendel just now.

There is a horrendously massive amount of them. I counted over a hundred in just mere minutes in prideholme running lines doing the main story. I have no doubt that this is probably inflating the queue’s by a couple thousand i imagine as well.

Even worse, it doesn’t just increases queue, it lower maximum server capacity since they never log out. Queue goes slower as well since less people log out.

They individually make 400-500 gold in three hours, when you add all the bots that are there, ofc there will be more and more, idk why they aren’t doing anything about it…

Yep, can confirm this. The bots are just moving on Triport + teleporting. Unlucky that this is issue is not watched.