Even tho i enjoy the game

all my guild mates are going to quit if they dont add the honing buff which sucks bc we all know and they alrdy stated that they wont be they are sick of running yoho 6 times a day on alts and would like to have more then one char to do normal valtan raid for more content and means of gold so im at the point where i know i wont have anyone left to run raids with and is it even worth playing anymore cause why play a mmo by yourself makes no sense xD


AGS. Listen to this person! They’re so busy with Yoho’s that they don’t even have time for punctuation! The situation is dire!!!


Most of guildmates already quit the rest are around their 1355- 1400 , play 2 -3days a week , i feel like im the only one playing more than 5days a week

When you’re in OPs/his guildmates situation, it’s better to just take a break or at least start using rested to not do the 6 yoho runs every day.


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so sad

I dont even understand the reasoning behind not releasing the honing buff, it just makes no sense to me, most people have their 1370 characters with thousands of great honor leapstones, and honing buff = more fun in newer contents… like WTF AGS or SmileGate why??? you want to push contents quick and want us to play alts to farm in order to keep F2P meanwhile gating resources and buffs…

Anyone serious about gaming doesnt take Lost Ark seriously. It’s a glorified Mobile game. Gamers with high APM and skill know it;s a joke. That’s why noone serious about games takes this game seriously. It’s fkin mind-numbingly easy