Even though nobody asked, my opinion on Hard Abrel

If AGS wants us get to the point of being 2 months behind KR, I don’t really see the reason for the 4-month wait for Hard Abrel. I do understand that we need to get used to longer waits between content, but if it was a 2 month wait instead of the current 4, it would allow people to get to 1560 and start farming materials from the higher level chaos dungeons, do their T3 tower and focus on alts. Supposedly the push from 1560-1600 is really rough on Honor Shards, so having a ‘‘higher income’’ for a longer period would be alot better for the usual f2p player (not that you have to go all the way to 1600 for Akkan, but I know alot of ppl would want to get there).

Just feels kinda odd that in KR it was a 2 month gap between normal and hard aswell and yet for us it’s 4 months. Not that we’re supposed to follow their exact timeline, but it makes it feel like we’ve been driving in some F1 car and then suddenly someone pulls the emergency brake. This is just my thoughts on it, not here to start a war, fellers

If I remember, KR complained that 2 months was too close to be able to hone and get ready for HM Brel

It caused some issues within the community because of the tight timing

Now I can see the point where 4 months might be too long for some people

But this is a perfect time to take a nice breather

You can still log on and do your dailies, but the pressure isn’t there to get 1540 ASAP

Other games exist and you can play those after you’re done with your Lost Ark stuff for the day

The community may not realize it now, but this is a good thing to help with burnout and other issues players have been facing

I’m fine with Hard Brel being only in 4 months. I’ve struggled a lot with honing (taking a couple characters equipment to pity many many times already) and because of it I barely have 3 characters doing brel 1-4. Trying to reach a fourth, but already proving hard again.

With this said, I’m probably looking at 2, maybe 3 chars 1540 by the time Brel Hard releases without $$$ invested. Maybe less, depending on how honing goes :unamused:

My problem is that there won’t be any content until then or even after, for a while. I mean, Rowen and the Witcher event hardly qualify as content imo. It’s just a couple things that happen while we wait. and let me emphasize the wait, because although a new Legion Raid is fun and super hype, there’s not really much to do outside of it apart from honing. No story, no new chars, islands or places to explore… So… We got Brel, we cleared it and then repeat for 4 months just to get the same thing again but harder? feels kinda meh tbh

If AGS said, Helgacia would release a month after, then that would make me a bit more happy with it, but for now I’m really disappointed, as it seems the next 4-6 months will basically be a daily/weekly-farm-repeat grind.

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Let me say to you: AGS delay all the stuff, because everyone see 2023 will be a lot games that can finish Lost Ark coming, like Throne and Liberty, soo to compete with and try hold players, they will delay the stuff for the maximum. Female berserker probaly only in next Christmas.

People need to hone to 1550 to do abrel hm if they release her sooner people wont have the change to try it.

I have 5 alts over 1500 and my main 1520. I entered last week with full rest bonus for the new chaos dungeons/guardian/unas. The last week has been a nightmare.

One g1-g6, 5 g1-g4, all the other raids, weeklies, fckn calligos and the current pf clusterfck, unskippable dailies because of rest bonus and all in all, I’m exhausted. A lot of fun don’t get me wrong, but still exhausting

I for one want and am glad we’re slowing down a bit.

Lack of content is fine. It means I can’t take a break. And 4 months means I don’t have to no life the game to keep up anymore. Even better