Event and log in rewards?

We will probably know the day before the reset which is tomorrow.

And by “the day before the reset” do you mean 11pm EU time like always?

Its punishment !!! ANOTHER 7 days no login rewards xD

Well 1 dead “week” for those that login everyday and a week to catch up for those that couldnt login everyday to also get reward.

extended by 1 week easy

We’ll get some extensions on the event and rewards, as well as bonus login rewards going


Thank you Roxx for the update!

More chicken for another week why not I enjoy free mats thanks

We probably get soon a better summer event so i prefer that over the normal event.
You know that this game will always have events up ? It’s a F2P game its just normal to keep interest or new people in.

YASSSSS… was gonna miss the LED glasses by 3 days.



The chicken event shop is great, so 1 extra week is really cool


great? its 30 GHLs which is less than 2 clicks lol

You are still going to miss them it will be a new week of rewards as last time

Dude, I’m 1467.5 and never GHL starved, I make over 400 GHL a week, why do I need more.

I mean everything in general, there’s sailing coins, honing books which are huge for 1370 alt pushing, una tickets so I can ticket kalthertz instead of going there and suffering, 1.5k bound guardians and 500 bound destr for alt pushing…

Yes, it’s great, way better than the previous event


Please don’t just extend bonus login rewards, like you did last time. Add some more rewards, not just extend these ones. ty

HOLY FUCK let’s complain more about free shit…who cares if it is extended or not? the June update was never set in stone to come out on the 16th, to begin with…


He doesn’t know… poor guy


This is the worst event we got until now. I’m not exactly happy with that extended event.

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and this is soo difficult to share a little bit of in advance. I’m literally just wathcing th ship sink at this point. My bad touching anything amazon related…

How big of extensions? I literally have been facing 15-18k queues whenever I have tried to login for over a week. These bot bans are a step (a step that should have happened long before their announcement.).

Be careful before its too late for the game. Not being able to login has already cost me several members of my friend group who WERE playing the game. I cant begin to believe that I am alone here.

With new content being limited to “legion raids” that my friend’s and I can not access and the new job being a month away, the game is fast becoming a back burner and if we can’t login easily, then that burner is going to get shut off fast.