Event and log in rewards?

and this is soo difficult to share a little bit of in advance. I’m literally just wathcing th ship sink at this point. My bad touching anything amazon related…

How big of extensions? I literally have been facing 15-18k queues whenever I have tried to login for over a week. These bot bans are a step (a step that should have happened long before their announcement.).

Be careful before its too late for the game. Not being able to login has already cost me several members of my friend group who WERE playing the game. I cant begin to believe that I am alone here.

With new content being limited to “legion raids” that my friend’s and I can not access and the new job being a month away, the game is fast becoming a back burner and if we can’t login easily, then that burner is going to get shut off fast.

400 is like enough for maybe 25 artisan at 20

Well to bad your getting it so.

That’s how I got through the ghost ship Una.

oh~no~ok, I m officially entering my burnout period~

damn! was hoping for super chill week (not complaining, thanks).

Didn’t she mean we get new rewards instead of a extension of the current ones?

Would be useless for most of us otherwise if they just extend the duration.

people who care about free shit care, op cares, the entire human race cares.

what are you? some kind of a billionaire alien 1620 ilvl dude that doesnt care about free stuff?

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Roxx you really need to tell the people you work for to communicate a lot better. You guys at ASG are doing such a piss poor job.
Even with the bot problem people will give you guys the benefit of the doubt if you actually gave us information. And by information not the day before or hours before you do something. Like wtf are your plans. Instead it’s some half ass response.
It really feels like you ASG is trying to kill the game with your greed.
Now roxx i understand your just the person on the forms not the one in charge.

Just to give you some idea of the losses you are having. 50 of my friends from other games have left and won’t come back. They hate the bots and that you guys are bad about giving information out.
I’m very close to quiting myself. I know that doesn’t mean much when people say they are going to quit. But when I’m seeing my guild go from 100 people down to just 10. I think there’s a problem.

Thank you so much you a real l one

You know, i appreciate the sentiment as much as the next person, but you dont always have to cater to all the people that cry over a lack of free stuff, in a free game. Thanks though

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I was hypped for Vykas, so give some cookie and keep me quiet :dog: