Event buffs and more events instead of honing rate changes?

AGS, could you make me understand why instead of directly addressing a problem that was an issue even in Korea and is well documented as the “1340-1370 Wall”, you guys decided to instead throw more materials at your players?

All this is going to do is make hitting 100% artisan energy easier. Of course, that’s better than nothing but it still feels like an awkward workaround. Why not just change the honing rates?


More mats = more honing. Why would they buff honing rates 1 month after release ?


Why do people think when a new game comes out they should be decked out and maxed out in gear stomping content the first 2 weeks :frowning: ?


Let the nerf roll call begins!

OP not satisfied with more materials

Its not new also all the island are also a catchup mech so i dont see a point in saying dont give use honing rates that we shouldve had day 1 same as missing 460 heroic guard raid and 960 abyss trials and bridge as mat income even tho all of em were out before argos( not 100% remember if bridge was their befire argos) but u get the point i hope

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Well in the new event you can get book’s to increase your honing chance, so it’s fine for now.

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Yea I got your point but some people just want the best possible gear on day 1 and one shot everything

Than let this people do that players still can enjoy t1-2 maybe theres like 10% at best who rushes if we look at achievement of t3 in steam its 1.1% who got t3 doubt it would be more not everyone plays alot but buffed honing would still help em enjoy more of this beautiful game

Probably because this helps everyone and hurts no one.

Buffing honing would have hurt everyone who still continued with honing.
It might be dissappointing to those who kept all their mats, but they can still use them, while buffing the chances would have given an advantage to them - then the ppl who played the game “as intended” and continued to push their GS would cry now how unfair the game is.

Increasing material accessibility helps everyone in t3, including those outside of the deadzone. In KR/RU the deadzone rates were only increased after Valtan which isn’t available yet and likely won’t be for another 2 months with how hard people cried about Argos.

Dont think this is correct, no one gets hurt firstly release the content we should have heoric guard abyss trials bridge ( we get pvp vendor soon atleast)

And honing buffs no one can complain its ur decision to hord mats or use em stop using that bs maybe some people would complain but 99 would be finally happy having something to do and actually not grinding for 1-2 fail trys per day