Event Calendar?

Is there a calendar somewhere that shows the start and end dates of events? This would help make it more obvious when to stop grinding out the events if the vendor is going to disappear at the next weekly reset.

For example, I’ve completely bought out Mio for this week, and if the vendor is going to disappear on Thursday, then there’s no reason for me to continue doing the Event Guardian Raid throughout the week.

I haven’t seen anywhere that has this info displayed.

nope it would mean them being locked in and ags are abit flaky with release schedules as it is

He means the other type of events :))

Look it up on one of the honing books from the vendor for example

So a honing book shows it expires on May 19th at 3:00am. That means this is when the Event Guardian Raid will end and Mio will no longer be available?

If that’s the case, then once you’ve bought out everything you need from Mio for this week, then there’s no reason to continue doing the event.

Unless they prolong it again which they did 2 times already if I remember correctly :rofl: :rofl: