[Event Exchanger] Please make Purple Engrave Book accesible for low gear players

At Event Exchanger you need to be high gear before you can exchange things like purple engrave book.
By locking itemlevel like this gap between High gear and low gear will be fast widening.
If you keep failing and stuck at +13 or +14 of T1 or T2 your irritation will go to MAX with this kind of gear locking event.
Isn’t event should be fair to everyone? Current situation is same participation but difference reward.

so what you’re trying to say is make it easier for bots to farm gold ?


Could be made untradable if claimed by lower ilevel chars.


If these are tradable what would stop people from just making new accounts for these books? Some of these are extremely valuable and it doesnt take that much effort to get to t1.


Fair enough. If the issue is to prevent bots roster lock from low ilevel exchanger should be a good way to solve it.

But then we’d get posts about how it shouldn’t roster locked instead of ilvl locked lol.

make the rewards roster bound?

for someone stuck in t1 currently its a bit too frustrating… and t2/t3 players make more gold from lower geared ppl right now… not what an event should look like sry…

or lower the ceiling? like make it ilvl 460 or 500 or you have to have finished Rohendel or ur second awakening quest line… but not you have to be t2 or t3 to buy the only stuff available in the shop :smiley:

I give them the purple books being locked, sure. But why are the blue engraving books locked to T2? We’ve been getting blue books since the end of Luterra.

I looked in exchange npc and found that the engrave book is untradable.
Isn’t that mean bot can’t sell the engrave book?

Should be untradable, period.

We don’t need this inflow of Epic selectable engraving books

The box is untradable, the books inside aren’t.

You can easily get to 1302 before reset if you don’t get fucked by not getting a full set from the T3 chaos dungeon.