Event Fever time - Only Food for Dextery !?!?

This weekend’s fever time event only provides food that favors dextery classes.
So what about the Intelligence (Mage) and strength (Warrior) classes?

Is this some translation error or next weekend will you provide food for the other classes?

Thanks :pray:

Nah they noticed that fever rewards were too good so they put useless stuff on rewards, and i mean useless there is nothing good in rewards even that those are free stuff.


Silver is huge idk what else you want.

Dex for more bow damage rite?

I would take 15 boxes of potions, nades and utility over that 300k silver that you can make in one day :stuck_out_tongue:

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PINEAPPLE omelette… :face_vomiting:


Don’t worry, even for dex classes it’s useless:

Well I wouldn’t. You can simply buy the boxes from Maris shop. 400g is 20 boxes of potions/bombs.

If I wanted to buy 300k Silver I would pay 3k gold.

If your running a class that has mana issues then use em for argos and valtan, if not just delete it or throw it in storage.

Yup, I’m pretty sure everyone suddenly stopped buying those 25 blue crystals crates in marri shop and they panicked.

I wonder if they tried to do class-stat instead of fixed Dexterity and failed

AGS and Smilegate are just absolutely shameless. As if I didn’t think there could be new lows to sink to.

Can’t wait for somebody to tell me to “be grateful” they even gave them out for so long to begin with like we should be used to being peasants begging for scraps from the feudal lord.